7 effective recipes for better memory, speech and brain work


7 effective recipes for better memory, speech and brain work
Researchers from the University of Stockholm have determined that hearing loss can be a sign of dementia. They point out that the corresponding part of the brain is damaged for a long time before the weakening of functions. If the perception of taste worsens, then it is possible that in 5 to 10 years, intellectual abilities will also decline – doctors say. They say if a person has stopped feeling the taste then the smell has actually worsened. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, odor disorders progress with the development of the disease. However, for Parkinson’s disease, this disorder is detected in more than 95% of respondents already in the first stage of the disease and they remain at that level. Senile dementia takes away memory, reason, and even poor intelligible speech. The person is scattered. Although there is no cure, there are effective methods, and the adoption of new habits, skills and knowledge and the use of herbal preparations encourages better brain function.

  1. Pistachios – pistachio fruits contain substances that have a great effect on the work of the brain and stimulate memory. Eat 30 unsalted fruits daily for two weeks. Unsalted leeks can be purchased at open markets. After two weeks, the body will be saturated with useful substances and the person will feel better. You can then check the memory by pronouncing some complicated words in your own language.
  2. Herbal supportive therapy — mix 100 grams of dried apothecary chamomile flowers with 100 grams of immortelle flowers and 100 grams of birch buds. Pour one tablespoon of the mixture with half a liter of boiling water. Allow the drink to cool. Drink half of the resulting drink before going to bed. Add honey if desired. The procedure lasts until the drink is drunk. Or 100 grams of fresh or 30 grams of chopped dried oman root (Latin Inula). Pour over half a liter of brandy. Leave for 40 days. Squeeze. Drink 25 drops three times a day before meals. Recipe for the third herbal preparation: mix the juice from one onion with the same amount of honey. Take one teaspoon three times daily before meals or two to three hours after meals for a month.
  3. A mixture of Indian spice curry contains curcumin. This substance improves cognitive functions and fights the aging of brain cells. Cinnamon contains an aldehyde that activates brain activity. Saffron has a lot of vitamins, B vitamins and vitamin C that have a beneficial effect on brain function. Sage is rich in essential oils that strengthen memory. Memory is improved by using rosemary which contains carnosic acid and antioxidants. The aroma of the plant also affects memory – scientists determine. That’s why inhaling rosemary essential oil is useful for recharging the brain or before an important event.
  4. Brain massage – it turned out that rinsing the mouth with water for 5 to 10 minutes – has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system. At the beginning of rinsing, the processes of awakening are catalyzed, and later, at the moment of saliva secretion and the end of the procedure, the slow potentials on the encephalogram are amplified. The alpha rhythm becomes more regular and pronounced. Such complex changes can be compared to a kind of brain massage that has a beneficial effect on the orces in the cerebrum, say scientists from the Institute in Moscow.
  5. All board games (card games, Monopoly, etc.) especially in late years keep brain activity in good shape.
  6. Daily reading is recommended. Then the human brain turns everything read into millions of images. It also triggers some memories and associations. This type of mental activity protects the brain from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
  7. Light finger exercises – help make waking up in the morning easier, activate the brain, contribute to faster and better decision making and improve memory. You can do each finger pressure exercise 12 times. Connect the tips of the plot and the index finger on both hands. The other fingers are straightened. With your thumbs, alternately connect the tips of your other fingers to one side and then to the other. From the little finger to the index finger and vice versa. With your index finger, touch your thumb on one hand and your little finger on the other. Connect the fingers in a row with the thumbs on both hands to the end and back. This exercise develops coordination well. Connect the tip of the thumb of the right hand with the index finger of the left hand and the index finger of the right hand with the thumb of the left hand and you get a rectangle. Then lift your index finger from the lower position and connect it with your thumb from the lower position.


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