Black stone is recommended for the elderly with poor eye vision

Black stone is recommended for the elderly with poor eye vision
Lithotherapists study gemstones and gemstones and the properties of each stone and their application in real life. Black gagat stone is processed by hand. It has a bright resinous sheen. It is a compact variety of coal because 80% of black stone is carbon. Jet is not a mole unlike coal. It is even characterized by mild flexibility. The name comes from the Greek word and means “black amber”. If you rub this stone on the wool, then the stone will attract light objects (paper, fluff, etc.) just like amber. In ancient Egypt, this stone was used to make mirrors in which women reflected. Later, crosses, seals and rings were made of black stone. Even the days of rosaries made of this stone are in great demand in the East and in the countries of Western Europe. It is also an easily workable material, so objects of various shapes and sizes can be made.

This stone is better known all over the world from the Temple in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Participants in ritual processions from time immemorial strive to touch this famous stone with the hope that the power of the stone will pass to the pilgrims. Once upon a time this stone was a bright white color but over time it got a black color from the tears of pilgrims and world wars. Black color absorbs all spectra and combines all the properties and regulates the general condition of the organism. That is why black stone can be useful for people of poorer health as a means of strengthening the general condition of the organism.
From ancient times it was believed that black stone protects people from nightmares and fear by helping people to be bold and easier to overcome their own obstacles. The medieval Persian scholar and a great encyclopedist Al Biruni wrote that the black stone was the best amulet against spells. Writer and orientalist E. Parnov writes that the black stone is often used as a talisman that alleviates parting and soothes mental pain. This stone reveals deception and helps to forget unrequited love.
Treatment with black stone
The great Avicenna recommended that people with epilepsy smoke incense from burning black stone, while incense (which also includes black stone) soothed coughs in temples and helped against suffocation. Avicenna also recommended black stone for the treatment of female reproductive organs (especially the uterus). With black stone jewelry, they arranged the hem on a woman’s skirt or for wearing it in the ear shell at the place where the acupuncture point that corresponds to this organ is located. It is effective to wear a black stone on the neck against chronic headaches. The ancient Roman physician Dioscorides claimed that this stone cures gout and cramps, removes headaches and toothaches, cures eye diseases, accelerates the maturation of boils and carbuncles (ulcers on the back of the head) and removes swelling.

In Aristotle’s works, black stone is recommended for elderly people with poor eyesight and who have the onset of cataracts. Wearing ornaments with this stone was believed to prevent the development of cataracts.
In Astrology, the black stone is recommended to the zodiac signs Scorpio and Capricorn as an amulet for success, while Cancer and Pisces give self-confidence a stronger ability to defend one’s own opinion.
Powerful energy is concentrated in the mysterious darkness of the black stone. Examine the stone carefully and you will discover its healing power. The four black stones: jet, hematite, obsidian and black agate are beautiful, solemn and affordable. The beauty and sophistication of this stone will be emphasized by a frame made of silver or melchior. In nature, there are also black diamond, black garnet, black tourmaline and black coral, although these types of stones are rare and less available.


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