7 tips and activities to attract good energy to your home

7 tips and activities to attract good energy to your home
In ancient times, many techniques and tricks were used to attract good energy into the home. Some of the techniques still exist in Chinese Feng Shui. There are 6 activities that attract good energy and drive bad energy out of the home:

  1. A tidy and clean home is necessary for the well-being and health of the family. The home needs to be tidy for happiness to reign in that house. Floors are especially washable because it was once thought that a dirty floor brings a lack of money into the home, while a clean floor brings an influx of money into the home.
  2. Scented candles – lighting scented candles brings good energy to the home. This method is still used today.
  3. Fresh flowers on the table- fresh flowers attract happiness and love to the home. Some plants fit perfectly into the interior. Taking care of plants relieves stress and bad mood. Plants are a magnet for positive energy.
  4. Talismans and amulets – horseshoes and clover with 4 leaves and small stones are used.
  5. The smell of baked food – it is believed that the smell of baked food attracts harmony and harmony in family relationships. That is why people still like to bake bread, pastries and various desserts. The smell of homemade food in the kitchen brings harmony, health and abundance.
  6. Throwing away unnecessary items – it is necessary to throw away, recycle or give away some unnecessary items (clothes, shoes, decorations, empty boxes, furniture, newspapers, bottles, broken dishes, old pots, unnecessary books) from home every day.
  7. Daily fresh air – the room should be ventilated every day because fresh air in the home symbolizes strength and health. Frequent window opening takes negative energy out of the home and brings positivism. That’s how everything circulates.


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