9 types of fruits and vegetables that lower blood pressure


9 types of fruits and vegetables that lower blood pressure
Some fruits and vegetables can help lower high blood pressure or be a prevention of hypertension.

  1. Beetroot-contains a large amount of vitamin C, B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, copper and slime. Beetroot juice is a great helper against high blood pressure. Keep the juice in the fridge for a while (after squeezing) because then it is even better.
  2. Orange is another great food for lowering blood pressure. It contains a lot of vitamin C and helps the body get rid of excess sodium. It is sodium that leads to fluid retention in the body.
  3. Potato is one of the important types of vegetables for maintaining the health of blood vessels and heart because it contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.
  4. Almonds are an excellent source of beneficial fats that lower blood pressure. Regular consumption of almonds helps normalize cholesterol and can support blood vessels.
  5. Spinach-contains a lot of magnesium which relaxes blood vessels which lowers blood pressure and strain on the heart.
  6. Broccoli – is a great support for the nervous system and blood vessels. It contains a lot of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fiber. About 200 g of this vegetable is added daily. This vegetable contains glutamic acid which lowers blood pressure.
  7. Celery-reduces the secretion of stress hormones (which constrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure). It is best to eat fresh celery leaves or make a smoothie.
  8. Red pepper-has more vitamin C than pomegranate. Celery and red pepper have a high content of ascorbic acid and contribute to better functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  9. Legumes – contain a lot of soluble fiber, magnesium, potassium, which is necessary to lower blood pressure.

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