Instead of running, give preference to a bike that puts less strain on your joints

Instead of running, give preference to a bike that puts less strain on your joints
To preserve the heart, rest the brain and prolong a quality productive life, one should walk at a brisk pace, walk (instead of using means of transportation) and perform physical work in the fresh air.
The ideal adult burden for productive longevity

  1. You should walk fast for at least one hour every day.
  2. Cycling, running or swimming once in 2 days and lasting 30 to 40 minutes. A great helper is a home trainer or a regular bicycle. The bike should be used more (instead of running) because it puts less strain on the joints.
  3. Activation of body muscles because every muscle needs to work. Muscles strengthen in response to micro-injuries (which are the result of physical exertion). One to two hours after training, you should eat foods that contain about 30 grams of protein due to the synthesis of muscle tissue.
  4. Nordic walking is becoming increasingly popular. With proper use of special sticks, such a walk loads 90% of the body’s muscles. Due to pushing, the rods remove the dangerous load on the joints (knees, spine, groin). A double effect was obtained. The muscles are loaded while the joints are relieved.
  5. Physical and mental inactivity is the most important factor in shortening human life – scientists agree. Work stimulates all the functions of the organism, which otherwise weaken, become numb and even disappear while the organs atrophy. The body loses the ability to live a long life without activity and without receiving the necessary stimulus to manage vital functions. Work should be alternated with rest in order for a person to conserve energy for a long time without reducing the intensity of their own activities. A reasonable shift of work and rest ensures the good functioning of the organs during a long life.
  6. Cardiologists say the human heart works one-third of the time while resting for two-thirds — as shown by electrocardiogram analysis and measurement of each heart rate interval. The heart works like this for many decades of life with a good combination of rest and work. Rest can be active and passive. If a person is doing a job while sitting, then he should rest while standing and vice versa. Mental work and physical rest and vice versa.
  7. Physical exercises are useful in any age group – it is valid for a completely healthy or sick organism. Even for more severe heart diseases that require strict rest of the patient, it is necessary to combine rest with physical exercises that facilitate the work of the heart. A person who does not feel healthy needs the advice of a doctor or physiatrist regarding the choice of exercises in accordance with the primary disease. If a person is completely healthy then one should perform less tiring physical exercises, walks, stay in the fresh air and simple physical work (which is always useful and good for maintaining health).
  8. Application of Pythagoras’ theorem for better brain function and memory strengthening – every person should “go through” all the events from the previous day as early as possible in the morning. Remembrance should be piece by piece until you go through all the episodes during the past day (just like you don’t eat breakfast and then lunch right away and go back to your morning exercises). And it’s not as simple as it seems but a person shouldn’t be discouraged. The first improvement will be noticed after a few days. Pythagoras’ theorem is a quick, simple and relaxing method of a kind of training for better memory.
  9. If we reduce the average amount of daily food intake by 25%, then the aging process of the organism can slow down and gain as much as 5 years of life.


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