Melting grains of salt after a meal is a way of rejuvenating

Melting grains of salt after a meal is a way of rejuvenating
The ancient Greeks once discovered and used a very simple recipe to rejuvenate the body. It is necessary to dissolve a grain of salt in the mouth immediately after eating. Today, medicine is modern and in addition there are various aids / therapies that rejuvenate the body with an increase in the number of young cells and the removal or destruction of cells with reduced vital function. In practice, such a substitution in the body is caused by the enzymes pepsins (which are excreted in the stomach). If there is more pepsin then the old cells are replaced by new ones faster. For this purpose, it is necessary to put about one gram of table salt on the tip of the tongue half an hour after taking the food (which has already partially started to digest due to the secreted ferments). The salt should be kept on the tongue for a few minutes and then the saliva swallowed. Such a small amount of salt is harmless for the human body and will not harm the body, and the benefits of the procedure are huge.
Due to the arrival of salt on the tongue, saliva begins to be secreted and then gastric juice. Gastric juice contains all the necessary components for the breakdown of old cells. Decomposition of weak and diseased and damaged cells (for example with nitrates, salts of heavy metals and radionuclides) is performed. Even cancerous cells and cells of disease-causing organisms are broken down. Not only viable young cells are killed, but also deformed cells. The procedure can be performed after each meal and repeated after an hour – up to 10 times a day. During the treatment with salt, it is desirable not to temporarily use vegetable oils. Cell rejuvenation can be performed with other methods. Ancient healers also recommended that herbs from the family of plants be used in the diet for rejuvenation (nettle, cabbage, bokvica, fennel, sea cabbage, spice, schisandra, ginseng, Manchurian aralia, etc.).

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