Quartz eyes are made up of tiger, cat, buffalo and falcon eye


Quartz eyes are made up of tiger, cat, buffalo and falcon eye
Quartz eyes include the tiger’s, cat’s, buffalo’s and falcon’s eye. These gemstones cover practically the entire spectrum of colors. It has a protective effect on people because the vibrations of this stone correspond to the vibrations of human energy centers. Quartz eyes strengthen immunity and energy. They also represent powerful reflectors and protectors against external influences. The whole family of these minerals has been used since ancient times to treat various inflammatory processes.
Cat’s eye (removes stress) – Cat’s eye is called minerals of various colors (usually yellowish, green or light beige) that have a glassy sheen. The external appearance is reminiscent of a cat’s eyes with a vertically convex pupil due to the light belt that moves when the stone is turned. Lithotherapists believe that all types of quartz in which the same effect of the cat’s eye is observed work in the same way. They affect the throat and everything related to the throat. For example, they help weaken bronchial asthma attacks or contribute to better healing of respiratory diseases. Certain healing properties become stronger depending on the shade of the stone. For example, in the countries of the East, it is believed that touching rosaries made of cat’s eye calms nervous tension and even achieves a cure for nervous diseases. Lithotherapy says that this stone contributes to the treatment of insomnia, arthritis, diseases of the spine, tendons and joints, chronic tonsillitis and has a beneficial effect on the spleen and pancreas. The cat’s eye contributes to lowering high blood pressure, eliminates headaches, treats eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases. The energy radiation of this stone acts on the established balance. The cat’s eye strengthens concentration, reduces stubbornness, contributes to a precise understanding of the essence of the phenomenon and increases insight. From ancient times the cat’s eye is considered to attract the sympathy of the people around it.
Who can use a cat’s eye:
Decorations with except stone should be worn by insecure and shy people because it strengthens the will, gives courage, charm and security. This gemstone awakens creative impulses and affects sweetness. The cat’s eye is also an excellent peacemaker because it helps a person avoid conflicts and maintains healthy relationships in the family and career. If we give jewelry with a cat’s eye to a person who is the biggest enemy — then that person will soon change their relationship with the donor and perhaps become a friend. For young men and women, this stone helps them maintain prudence and go through puberty painlessly and better adapt to the lives of adults. The cat’s eye is best used with silver in the form of beads or pendants or without framing in metal.
Buffalo eye – this mineral has a dark red color and stimulates blood circulation, cleanses the blood, heals bones, treats diseases of male and female organs, prostatitis, and infectious diseases. This stone also has a huge energy potential. Therefore, it contributes to the long-term preservation of physical and mental health, stimulates immunity, strengthens memory and helps a person achieve the desired goal.





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