3 excellent winter natural remedies from the pine forest


3 excellent winter natural remedies from the pine forest
Special cuts are made on the pines for several years. Medicinal juice flows at the incision site. After the juice hardens, it becomes a resin that has a tendency to heal the “wound” on the wood.
Pine is a sweetness of vitamin C. Pine needles are an effective sedative vitamin. Pine needles can be collected throughout the year, but most vitamin C is present during the winter months. They contain ascorbic acid, tannins, phytoncides and essential oils. Medicinal liquids for coniferous baths and vitamin drinks are made from pine needles. Young pine shoots are used for baths. Pour about 500 g of raw material with 5 liters of water. Cook for 5 minutes, then strain and pour into the tub / larger basin. The temperature of the bath should be similar to body temperature. The bath procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes. To prepare a vitamin drink, take young (winter) one-year-old washed pine needles. In winter, it has the least resinous substances and more vitamins. Beat in a porcelain or wooden mortar. Pour with one cup of hot water. Leave for about 2 hours in a dark and cool place. Strain and flavor the drink with honey, apple cider vinegar or citric acid. Add sugar and drink. The drink should not be stored because it loses vitamins. You can boil the needles for half an hour to speed up the preparation of the drink. Leave again for half an hour and add sugar or honey. Drink at once. Medicinal liquid from conifer needles is used to treat scurvy. Boil one tablespoon of the needle in a cup of water and cool. Strain and drink several times during the day. For inhalation of pine needles, 10 cups of hot water should be placed in a larger container and one cup of pine buds. Cook the mixture to boiling point. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapor from the bowl for 10 to 15 minutes. Inhalation is used against inflammatory processes of the sinuses. Sore throat, sneezing, inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract.
Pine resin – it is useful to suck the resin in case of angina, pharyngitis, inflammatory processes of the trachea, tonsils, pharynx and throat. Fresh resin should be used. The resin collects on the cuttings of trees planned for felling. Pine tar, turpentine, rosin (rosin) in turpentine ointment were obtained from the collected pine juice. Turpentine is used externally in the form of ointment for the treatment of neuralgia, gout, sciatica, myositis, rheumatism, for inhalation due to inflamed processes of the upper respiratory organs and chronic lung diseases. It is used as an antimicrobial and deodorant. The medical industry makes turpentine hydrate from turpentine (used as a expectorant). Tar is used as a disinfectant and insecticide. It is applied topically externally to treat skin diseases (eczema, itching), scaly lichen-shaped ointment and sulfur-tar soap.
Pollen protects the body from premature aging. It is recommended to collect pollen from cones until the cones fall. Then the yellow pine cones are collected, which are dried in the sun. Pollen is extracted from these cones and sifted through a thick sieve. It is dried again and stored in a cool and dry place in paper bags. Take one to two grams daily before meals. Pollen is cooked in the form of tea. Pollen in the form of tincture is drunk against rheumatism. Purulent wounds are sprinkled with pollen.



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