4 types of natural fabrics and the benefits of each type


4 types of natural fabrics and the benefits of each type
Clothing protects people from heat and cold and all other weather conditions. Clothing also has a certain impact on the mental and physical condition of each person. Clothing is a kind of layer between the body and the living environment (it collects both negative and positive energy). Each synthetic garment disrupts the flow of energy and the body does not breathe. Natural materials, on the contrary, allow the body to breathe and better energy flow, but they also have certain healing properties.
Wool-electrostatic field that occurs as a result of friction of wool fibers has a beneficial effect on health. Fatigue, joint and muscle pain disappear. Natural wool is rich in analgesic, anti-inflammatory and invigorating properties. The best effect has dyed wool, ie products made of coarse and thick yarn. Sheepskin or wool products remove stress, normalize blood pressure and sleep, have a therapeutic effect due to diseases of the kidneys, spine and joints, and relieve pain in the case of arthritis and sciatica.


Wool compresses can be made at home: Stir 2 tablespoons of salt in half a liter of water. Soak any wool (preferably sheep’s wool) in the resulting solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Put compresses all over your back. In the kidney area, place a hot water bottle over a wool compress. A substitute can be warmed salt placed in a sock. Hold overnight. This compress cleanses the kidneys, joints, blood vessels, spine and lungs. Perform this procedure once a week. In the diet (in parallel with the use of a wool compress), add baked potatoes with peel, raisins, dried apricots and walnuts.
Cotton-cotton clothes leak oxygen, so it is said that “clothes breathe”. It absorbs moisture and does not cause allergies. It is useful for people with problematic skin. It can prevent colds, cystitis and kidney disease. Such clothing warms in winter while cools in summer. Natural cotton garments without synthetic additives should be chosen.
Silk-People who often suffer from angina (inflammatory condition of the throat) are recommended to wear silk clothes. Natural silk is useful for people who suffer from arthritis, dermatitis and allergies. Silk bandages on the wrists or knees relieve pain. Doctors confirm that silk threads improve circulation, soothe skin irritation and suppress epithelial dryness, and have antiseptic properties. Silk pajamas save from insomnia because the touch with this fabric soothes and relaxes.
Flax- The beneficial properties of flax have been known since ancient times. Absolutely pure ecological linen thread is the only plant material used during surgical interventions and internal suturing. The human body gradually completely dissolved the flax thread. Wounds under a linen bandage heal faster. Flax kills urine. Flax products contribute to more intensive circulation, stimulate and strengthen the body and reduce fatigue. Doctors believe that flax also relieves cold symptoms. Linen fabric has minimal electricity and low tack, moderate strength and the ability to collect droplet moisture from the adjacent surface. The temperature of human skin under flax is 3 to 4 degrees lower (than under silk or cotton clothes) during warm outdoor temperatures.
Neurological diseases – pluck a few leaves from the houseplant Geranium (Latin Geranium). Place on a linen cloth and secure with a bandage to the sore spot. Wrap a woolen scarf over it. Replace the leaves 2 to 3 times with fresh leaves. The pain disappears after 2 to 3 hours.





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