The health formula is a simple procedure from number 1 to number 9

The health formula is a simple procedure from number 1 to number 9
Number 1- means one workout per day. Half an hour of morning exercise, for example, provides all-day energy.
Number 2- two hours before bedtime is not desirable to use computers, gadgets, TV and telephone. It is best to read a book but not an electronic one.
Number 3- means 3 basic daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Snacks (fruits, vegetables, etc.) can be added.
The number 4- indicates 4 breaks during the working day. Lunch break is not enough for the vitality of the organism. 3 more short breaks are needed. During these short breaks, rest your eyes, move your body, because the use of short breaks will also improve the work of the brain.
The number 5-denotes 5 types of fruits and vegetables in 5 different colors. Thus, the organism receives the necessary dose of fiber and vitamins, because plant foods reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
The number 6-denotes 6 minutes of daily meditation. This lowers stress levels and makes the person more positive. This 6 minute break will not solve life’s problems but will help in looking at life from a different angle and perhaps changing attitudes.
The number 7- means 7 glasses of water a day, which means a vital organism without dehydration.
The number 8- denotes 8 hours of sleep for an adult. Lack of sleep causes many diseases, including serious diseases (heart attack and stroke).
The number of 9-9000 steps per day is the minimum distance that an adult needs to do to keep blood vessels vital. Hiking is recommended every day in accordance with the possibilities and other obligations.

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