The symbol “infinity” is believed to be a magnet for abundance

The symbol “infinity” is believed to be a magnet for abundance
There are various talismans that are believed to attract money (for example, abundance crystals, Chinese coins in feng shui or a frog figure that, according to Chinese tradition, brings an influx of money into the home). One symbol has been considered something positive and powerful for centuries – it is a sign of infinity.
The symbol of infinity is one of the oldest symbols used in many cultures. It is considered to bring a positive boost to energy. It has a special meaning when you wear it as a pendant on a bracelet or red thread.
This symbol is used for harmony and balance. It is also associated with the number eight, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity. In feng shui, the symbol of infinity is used to harmonize space and improve vital chi energy in the home.
According to feng shui experts, the sign of infinity is able to positively affect every space in which it will be located. There is a symbolism that this sign should be drawn on a piece of paper and carried in a wallet for the purpose of attracting the energy of abundance and money. You can decorate it, draw with your favorite color or give the sign a personal stamp.
If you often draw this sign in a notebook, planner or diary, it can lead to success. If you point out the sign in the bedroom, it will strengthen the energy of love between the partners.



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