6 tips for a little renovation and changes in the home before the New 2022 Year

6 tips for a little renovation and changes in the home before the New 2022 Year
The period ahead is great for waking up and giving birth to new ideas and perhaps looking at your own life from a different and new angle. Therefore, this period is favorable for getting rid of everything that has died down and is creating a life halt.

  1. Eject clocks that are no longer working – you can eject clocks that are no longer in use or worn out. Either change the batteries in all the clocks in the home and do all the repairs, or throw away such clocks. A clock that doesn’t actually work — creates a downtime throughout the home.
  2. Broken appliances and furniture — need to be thrown away or repaired. There should be no unusable items in the home. Unusable objects inhibit positive energy and create stagnation.
  3. Old footwear-footwear is associated with movement. If you have a lot of old shoes that you plan to use sometime in the future for walking or sports – then know that it is not an activity but again a standstill and the impossibility of further movement. Only shoes that are often used and needed by the family should be kept in the shoe store. Spare footwear in excessive quantities should also not be purchased. We should have shoes that we use often and that we still use occasionally. All other footwear is surplus.
  4. Social relations – make an audit of your own social relations and the people around you. Unfortunately, every person has some people (even among relatives and friends) who are constantly drawing energy. Of course, no one is perfect. But every person has only one life to live smart. It is better to limit the number of people to people who are pleasant to us and who do not burden us in any way.
  5. Unnecessary clothing- People often complain of allergic skin reactions. Allergy is a disturbed connection between the organism and the outside world. Therefore, throw out or give away excess clothing, because such clothing puts an additional psychological burden on people.
  6. Moving pieces of furniture – it is always desirable to move some pieces of furniture from one part of the room to another room or part of the house. This is a move of just a few inches or inches though a big tidy / change is also a great thing. A small movement of the furniture also removes congestion and freezing from the home.


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