A dog loved by all users of public transport in Istanbul, favorite names of dogs in the world and the skill of learning to talk to a pet

The Boji dog is a cross between an Anatolian Shepherd and a yellow coat. Frequent users of all means of public transport in Istanbul will then stumble upon this unusual passenger. The dog attracts the eyes of many curious people who want to take photos with him. This passenger favorite loves all traffic in the public network system – buses, metro, tram and ferry. The dog had to master a system of movement with four means of transport which is not easy especially in Istanbul.
It is unclear to many how a dog learns to use the transport network at all because everyone who has been to Istanbul knows that it is not easy for people at first. to all passengers. Boji does not push and patiently waits in line and does not try to slip under the feet of other passengers because Boji’s dog is already an experienced traveler.
Some of Boi’s dog photos can be seen on his ‘official’ Twitter profile, which is followed by more than 90,000 people. That number of fans this traveler has gathered in just two months.

There are a lot of dogs all over the world, so the Parade portal has made a list of the 10 most common and popular dog names in the world in 2021. Dog owners who have chosen a different name have done so to make their dog different from other dogs. These are: Luna, Charlie, Cooper, Bella, Milo, Lucy, Bailey, Daisy, Coco, and Max.
Many of us often wonder why a dog bends its head to one side. Some interpret it as disbelief or confusion, but that gesture is, according to a recently published study, in fact a sign of concentration and increased attention. The researchers wanted to check how well dogs of a certain breed can remember the names of different toys, and then recall that information and find a certain toy when they receive a command from the owner. Forty dogs of different breeds took part in the research, and most of the puppies were not able to learn the names of the toys, but seven border collies showed exceptional ability to fulfill that task. The scientists declared the group of dogs “gifted students” and discovered that all seven carriages had something in common – all of them, since they would hear the command, bowed their heads much more often than their untalented colleagues. The data show that gifted students tilted their heads in 43% of cases, while the other 33 dogs did so in only 2%. “There seems to be a link between success in finding a toy and frequent tilting of the head when a dog hears its name,” said Sheni Dror, a cognitive animal researcher at Etves Lorand University in Budapest, who co-authored the study. we hypothesized that there was a link between tilting the head and processing relevant and significant simulations, “adds Sheni Dror. In the first of three experiments described in the study, researchers asked forty dog ​​owners to test their pets once a month for three months. Each owner taught his dog the names of two toys, and then asked the animal to bring one from the next room. The toys remained the same for three months. Only seven strollers that could learn the names of the toys (gifted students) were included in the next experiment, although one died before the experiment began. In that second experiment, the owners tested the six remaining dogs in the same way for three months, but now the number of toys was 13.

One of the carts, Whiskey, returned the correct toy 54 times in 59 attempts. The other two were successful in more than 90% of cases. The other three had a success rate between 57 and 75%. Then, in a third experiment, six gifted puppies showed they could learn 12 new toy names in one week and then remember those names for at least two months. “We know dogs can easy to learn action-related words, such as ‘sit’ or ‘down’. But very few dogs can learn object names, “notes Dror. head after hearing the verbal command. This led the team to conclude that the gesture was related to the collie’s attempts to parse the meaning of the word. The tilting of the head may indicate that the collies are mentally trying to connect the name of the toy they hear with the visual image stored in their memory. Their favorite side remained the same in all three experiments, and the position of the dog owners in front of them did not affect the direction of the incline. This consistency was further evidence that dogs tilt their heads when paying close attention to a task. have also studied this skill in German Shepherds, Pekingese and Dwarf Australian Shepherds. A study conducted at the beginning of the year also revealed one Yorkshire terrier that matched the abilities of the most successful border collie, Whiskey.
Learning to communicate with a dog is a trick of recognizing what the owner says to the dogs and what the dogs say to the owner, and then communicating in a way that animals can understand the owner’s speech. Anyone can adopt this skill with a little practice. The key is patience and love.
It is best to start exercising with a family pet you know well, such as a cat or dog. It can be harder with cats because they are picky when it comes to the person they will communicate with and want to listen to. If you do not have a healthy relationship with a cat, consider a family dog. They are usually easier to work with because they are corporate animals and will be more willing to align with the pack leader, in this case – you.
Start by taking your dog to a less noisy room. The dog recognizes the tone of your voice so you are at an advantage. Sit on the floor next to him or have him sit next to you.





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