Purification of the organism according to the Mongolian method of Genghis Khan


Purification of the organism according to the Mongolian method of Genghis Khan
Cleansing the body according to the method from Mongolia called “Genghis Khan method” actually means swallowing garlic heads. Legend and written documents say that the great Mongol military leader Genghis Khan gave soldiers orders to swallow a large amount of garlic without chewing, thus avoiding many diseases. That is why the organism got rid of parasites, so many diseases disappeared.
This method of cleaning the organism from parasites is still used in Tibet today. You can clean the head of garlic in the evening. Grind the peeled garlic. Swallow without chewing. Then drink a glass of any juice. It is advisable to eat an apple or 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut before consuming garlic. The procedure can be performed daily. Use smaller amounts of garlic first but increase the amounts over time until you have eaten a whole head of garlic.
And it has been scientifically proven that garlic tincture really cleanses blood vessels and dissolves cholesterol plaques. Garlic is an excellent natural antibiotic. It destroys all bacteria and fungi (including candida in the stomach). Although garlic can irritate the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. This method of cleansing is not suitable for people with gastritis, colitis and those prone to erosive-ulcerative processes in the stomach and duodenum.



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