How to choose your own precious or semi-precious stone (or talisman)?

Amber stone ( )

How to choose your own precious or semi-precious stone (or talisman)?
Most books and literature on gemstones, semi-precious stones and talismans advise that every person should choose a gemstone according to their date of birth. However, lithotherapy believes that choosing a stone (talisman) is not easy. It is believed that the talisman independently chooses its owner because the guardian and bringer of success can be practically any stone, but this stone must be a gift from a dear person who always wishes the future owner of the stone success and happiness.

Lithotherapy and Astromineralogy-lists of precious stones appeared only in the 18th century at the initiative of jewelers. Precious stones and lists about it differ from each other. They generally have little in common with astromineralogy and lithotherapy, which establish a connection between humans and stones. Namely, each stone has its own energy which is best described in ancient legends. The specific influence of this energy was confirmed by the examinations of lithotherapists. Astrominerology believes that these energies are related to the energies of the planets, each of which has its own characteristics. Thus, stones can increase the energies that a person’s body, character and life lack, or neutralize some destructive energies. For example, the energy of love (Venus) can be amplified by pink spinel or rose quartz. The aggression of Mars is neutralized with turquoise or sapphire which cools the passions. However, the state and influence of the planets on man is best seen in the analysis of the individual horoscope. Based on a person’s astrological data, a “Talisman” stone can be chosen for that particular person.
Intuition is important
The simplest way when choosing a gemstone is intuition and faith in your own needs. When choosing jewelry, one should focus on one’s own needs and current tasks. Carefully read the characteristics of the stone and decide which stone is best to choose at a given moment in life. So go shopping in the growing month. Monday is Moon Day and buy purple stones (amethyst). Tuesday is Mars Day and buy red stones (ruby and jasper). Wednesday is Mercury Day and buy yellow stones (citrine, aventurine, amber). Thursday is Jupiter’s day and buy purple stones (garnet) and dark blue (lapis lazuli). Friday is Venus Day and buy light blue, pink and green stones. Saturday is Saturn’s day and buy black stones (agate, hematite). Sunday is a sunny day and buy diamonds.

Each stone is associated with a specific lunar day. Astrologers and healers are just using this information. Namely, they change their own jewelry every day – they have complete collections of jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones that they use in working with different people. Many of the clients face difficult and tragic fates. Then healers and lithotherapists identify stones that help to heal and resolve these situations, and by choosing stones, protect people from negative energy influences. For similar purposes, stones are used by people who need to communicate with a larger number of people for work. It should be noted that the stones are cleaned once a month. It is desirable that the cleansing be from the 28th lunar day to the new moon. Put the stone in a bowl of water and then in the freezer. The water will freeze and all the information gathered by the stones will go into the water and will be neutralized.


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