4 recipes with honey that solve a hangover


4 recipes with honey that solve a hangover
Homemade preparations with honey will quickly remove all the inconveniences caused by a hangover. A hangover most often occurs as a result of excessive alcohol intake. It is a particularly uncomfortable condition with several accompanying ailments (nausea, headache, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, malaise, feeling of irritation, dehydration, etc.). Symptoms vary from person to person and are not of the same intensity. One glass of drink will not create a problem, but continuous and uncontrolled alcohol intake has both short-term and long-term negative consequences. It has a negative effect on the health of the digestive organs, liver and brain, and every person should refrain from this harmful habit as much as possible. There are, however, natural ways in which a hangover is successfully treated.

  1. Honey with lemon – in one cup of boiling water add the juice of one lemon and one tablespoon of meadow honey. Drink in small sips and every ten minutes. This is a great way to help the liver expel toxins more easily and make up for lost fluid because alcohol dehydrates the body.
  2. Peel a ginger-sized piece of ginger honey and cut it into rings. Put ginger in a glass of boiling water and cook for another 10 minutes on a moderate heat. Stir in a little lemon juice and one to two tablespoons of honey. Drink during the day because this drink relieves headaches, dizziness and nausea.
  3. Honey with mint – add one tablespoon of fresh or dried mint to one cup of boiling water. Leave for ten minutes and strain. Add one tablespoon of pollen powder, one tablespoon of honey and 20 drops of propolis. Drink in small sips. This herbal drink relieves nausea, calms the stomach and encourages the elimination of toxins from the body.
  4. Honey with banana-peel one to two bananas and cut into rings. Put in a blender and add one tablespoon of homemade honey, 300 g of skim milk. Mix all ingredients. Bananas are rich in nutrients, especially potassium, which is lost with alcohol intake. Banana in combination with honey is an excellent remedy against hangovers. Before taking this drink, eat one green apple (because it relieves stomach pain and cleanses the liver, kidneys and intestines).


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