Black coffee brewed in a deep pot is a beverage of long-lived people

Black coffee brewed in a deep pot is a beverage of long-lived people
Properly prepared plain black coffee has an extraordinary property — it keeps blood vessels in good condition as well as strong medicines. If a person drinks one cup of black coffee prepared according to a special recipe every day, then that person prolongs life.
In Greece, ordinary black coffee is called “Greek coffee”. Scientists from the University of Athens believe that the use of brewed black coffee can prolong the life of every person. Scientists have chosen the Greek island of Ikaria for research, where 1% of people over the age of 90 live. Across Europe, the number of long-lived people is 0.1%. 150 respondents and residents of that island participated in the research. It turned out that as many as 87% of respondents regularly drink brewed black coffee. Cell samples were taken from 673 inhabitants of the island older than 65 years. From this group, 71 men and 71 women were randomly selected. In these individuals, an analysis of blood pressure, diabetes, diet, lifestyle and endothelial function (a layer of cells lining blood vessels) was performed. Scientists explain the useful properties of brewed black coffee because it improves the work of the endothelium. Professor Tsiatsios Gerasimous of the Medical School at the University of Greece / Athens investigated the link between coffee consumption, life expectancy and endothelial function that synthesizes or creates compounds important for controlling blood coagulation, regulating tone and blood pressure, and filtering kidney function, cardiac contraction and metabolic function. brain support.
The scientists checked all the types of coffee that the participants consumed during the experiment. It turned out that the consumption of brewed black coffee resulted in improved endothelial function. Even in people with high blood pressure, black coffee enabled normal endothelial function without affecting blood pressure. Experts say that coffee contains a lot of polyphenols and antioxidants, while containing a moderate amount of caffeine.
Preparation of brewed black coffee – it is necessary to have a deep pot for brewing coffee (cezve). For 2-person coffee, first pour 2 cups of cold water into the coffee pot, add 2 small spoons of sugar and 2 large spoons of ground black coffee. All ingredients mean put at once. As soon as the coffee starts to rise, remove it from the stove, stir carefully and let it settle / settle. Put the coffee back on the fire / stove and as soon as the coffee foam starts to rise again – the coffee is ready. Arrange the coffee foam in both cups. Then carefully pour the coffee. The most important is the solid foam on the coffee. Put one glass of cold water next to each cup of coffee. Black coffee is always served with cold water.


    • Dear jvtripioauthor,

      Yes, coffee lovers are spread all over the world. My favorite drink as well. But it’s nice to make it with a cinnamon or cocoa powder or cardamom from time to time. Those spices do good to people’s heart health. Wish you the best.


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