Lemon and fish oil can be used all year round for skin care


Lemon and fish oil can be used all year round for skin care
Lemon-can be used all year round for cosmetic purposes and in home crafts. Lemon is useful for freshness, whitening and cleansing the skin especially people over 50 years of age. Whitening is done if pigmentation appears on the skin and when the sun is not active. With a slice of lemon, apply the juice (from the fruit) on a clean face, including the area around the eyes. The juice dries quickly so this procedure can be repeated several times layer by layer. The face gradually begins to react and a tingling sensation occurs in some places. If the stinging of the skin on the face is strong then the face should be rinsed with water. This type of care prepares the skin for a nourishing and moisturizing foundation / cream. Nourishing creams then easily penetrate the skin cells. After applying lemon juice directly on the face and without rinsing with water, wait for the juice to dry on the skin. Then you can put a mask of one beaten egg yolk on the open pores. Hold for about 15 minutes. The skin becomes elastic and taut. You can use the lemon procedure at least once a week.
Fish oil is also a great skin care product. It is bought without a prescription in pharmacies and health food stores. Fish oil nourishes the skin, irons wrinkles, removes fatigue and restores skin turgor (elasticity of subcutaneous tissue). Removes sagging skin. Fish oil does not have a very pleasant smell, but that smell quickly disappears. You can put fish oil on your face, arms, elbows and feet. It is removed with a tissue. It can be removed with soap-free water and foam. You can use a fish oil mask every day. It is advisable to take a break sometimes to allow the skin to rest.


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