Recipe: effective homemade detergent at home

Recipe: effective homemade detergent at home
A healthy lifestyle also means using healthy habits. The effectiveness of baking soda in removing all types of stains (even stubborn stains) from clothes, bedding, kitchen towels and other types of fabric is already widely known.
Many environmentally friendly household products are made from baking soda.
Laundry detergent:
Homemade soap (200 grams)
Sodium carbonate, i.e. baking soda (200 grams)
Grate the soap. Put one and a half liters of plain water and grated soap in a bowl. Let the mixture cook at a moderate temperature. Heat until the soap melts. Pour the mixture into an even larger bowl and add another liter of water. Gradually add the baking soda. Stir the composition several times a day. And wait until the baking soda is completely melted. Baking soda does not actually melt but swells and turns into flakes. The liquid gradually evaporates. A thick white substance resembling a true industrial detergent is obtained. From this amount approximately a mixture is obtained which fits in 3 glass jars. In the washing machine, this detergent does not create foam, but it washes the laundry perfectly and removes stains. It can be poured directly into the drum. Apply approximately 4 tablespoons of the mixture for one wash. It all depends on the amount of laundry and stains on the laundry. Things become soft after use. There is essentially no smell.

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