Healing thoughts and thinking can be a good remedy against disease

Healing thoughts and thinking can be a good remedy against disease
Ancient Ayurvedic physicians believed that human consciousness determines the state of mind and the state of the body. They assumed that disease depended on human consciousness. This means that many diseases can be treated by people by “managing” the body with thoughts and thinking.

  1. Placebo effect – many people know the term “placebo effect” when a person thinks that a certain drug helps, then that drug really helps that person. There is another side to the story Patients were given a placebo along with a detailed list of side effects that a placebo can cause. People then want to feel just those unwanted symptoms and effects. It means that the human psyche works in two ways. People can tell themselves they are healthy and then heal themselves. Or people can suggest a certain disease to themselves and start really getting sick.
  2. The condition of each person depends on the person. If a person takes the side of the disease then the mind, thoughts, mood and life in general are subordinated to that disease. The person already communicates with people by explaining to people everything about the disease and symptoms (and the case of other people’s confessions on the subject of the disease) and becomes part of a vicious circle. Because then contact with other people goes round and round and the topic is always the same: illness, pharmacy, clinic, treatment, hospital, etc. A person is treated with medical therapy but they talk and listening to many inconsolable and sad stories he sinks even deeper into his own sadness, pain and illness and thoughts become occupied with these sad and negative topics.
  3. Poor health of any person can be greatly improved with small life changes and positive thoughts without giving up official medicine and official medical therapy.
  4. There are many stories of sick people being healed. Let each person look for inspiration in these beautiful stories with a happy ending.
  5. Do not listen to requests and sad stories from near and far. Illness involves a certain lifestyle, conversations, smells that come from the constant use of therapy / drugs, meetings with other sick people and medical professionals in which the topics are disease and therapy. Every sick person should give the maximum to be a happy and healthy person.
  6. Surround yourself with nice things. Use scented candles at home, listen to good music, use fresheners that give pleasant scents, fresh flowers in vases, and the like. With this, the mental state of each person can be normalized and improved in a positive way. Thoughts become happier and calmer. The result of calm thoughts is a healthier body. And it should be borne in mind that most diseases start with an improper lifestyle.
  7. It is necessary to change the diet and use yoga (which heals painful joints and spine, normalizes blood pressure and digestion, cures depression and has many other miraculous properties).
  8. Meditation is important for every sick person. Let the direction of meditation be in the feeling of better health, joy of living and positive thoughts about a wonderful and happy life. Meditation in a positive direction is important because the results will be wonderful and miraculous.
  9. More positive emotions in life – if a person is not forced, then you should not waste time with other people who directly and figuratively infect that person with negativity, suffering, panic thoughts, fear and others. Free time is better used with a walk in the park, watching comedies, using a bath with aromatic oils, reading electronic and original books / prints.
  10. Calm consciousness means a calm and healthy body. That is why people should strive to calm their thoughts and achieve feelings of joy for life, because it is a way of acquiring more pleasant emotions that lead to a healthier mind, body and life in general.


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