Bee products are especially useful for the eyes (and how to use these products)

Bee products are especially useful for the eyes (and how to use these products)
Wax and sachet – it is extremely good to chew wax and sachet if the person does not have allergies. There is significantly more vitamin A (which is good for eyesight) in these products than in carrots, for example. By chewing wax and sachet after a meal, a person contributes to better eye vision, but it also cleans the oral cavity and nourishes the teeth and gums (this is the prevention of periodontitis). By chewing this product, a person refreshes the breath and cleans the nasal passages. Thus, the body is also saturated with vitamins that are directly absorbed in the oral cavity with the lovage. Chewing these products can be done daily depending on the needs of the organism. Beeswax is a useful and harmless natural chewing gum. The by-product of chewing can be excreted or swallowed (because then this product collects toxins from the stomach and which are naturally excreted by acting like a sorbent).
Honey – it is necessary to get quality honey and check the diet of bees with beekeepers. Some beekeepers feed bees with sugar. Such a product can be eaten but that product is not effective. Do not drip the solution of such honey into the eyes. Treatment of cataracts with a solution of honey (only in the initial stage if the prescribed surgery-drops do not help already) and the use of honey are mentioned in medical textbooks. There is a huge amount of living and natural or 100% digestible vitamins and micro-elements in the honey solution. Honey drops nourish and disinfect the mucous membranes of the eyes (one small spoon in one glass of warm boiled water and applied fresh – one drop in each eye and the rest of the drink is drunk before bedtime). If a person has a lot of toxins in the body and does not clean these toxins – then too much solution with honey can cause worsening of the eyes – then pus and dirt can leak from the eyes. Then stop using the solution with honey, rather than regularly drinking water with honey to cleanse the body of toxins (one small spoon of honey in one cup of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach). If it is difficult for a person to open their eyes in the morning (due to accumulated pus and application of drops with honey) it is a sign that the honey has extracted toxins from the body. In winter, herbalists advise to strengthen the eyesight advise growing and consuming fresh carrot grass (for example, grown in a pot on a window sill). Carrots contain a lot of eye vitamins (carotene).


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