Effective and wise Feng Shui rules for abundance in 2022

Effective and wise Feng Shui rules for abundance in 2022

The popular and ancient Chinese philosophy of arranging space Feng Shui wants to achieve the free movement of positive chi energy through space. Feng shui experts say that certain tricks and changes in the home can improve some sector of life (for example, career, money, love or happiness).

  1. The southeastern part of the home feng shui zone in the home is associated with money and financial prosperity. It is important to have this part of the home free and open so that the energy of prosperity flows freely. Create a nice atmosphere here. Amulets can also be placed to attract money (a three-legged frog, a sailboat with gold bars, etc.).
  2. Bamboo and money tree – place plants in a zone of prosperity to encourage growth in all areas of life. There is a large selection of feng shui plants to attract abundance (money tree or krasula, bamboo).
  3. A bowl of fruit (orange) on the dining table – place a bowl of fruit on the dining table because it symbolizes wealth. Feng shui especially recommends oranges that symbolize prosperity and clean energy in the space.
  4. A large mirror can be placed in the room to reflect the image of what is on the table, ie the family table, to symbolically double the wealth. It is important not to hang a mirror in the home so that the reflection of the front door can be seen in the mirror, as this may indicate an outflow of good energy.
  5. Fire is an important element in Feng Shui philosophy – Feng Shui believes that fire sources (oven, stoves and gas stoves) create energy in the household. This is where all the elements needed to maintain a family meet. The best place to place these springs is in the middle of the room, where the chef sees everything and cannot be surprised. If the oven is next to a wall, the best way to fix it is to place a mirror behind the oven.
  6. The colors to attract abundance and money in 2022 are red, green, black and yellow. You can also use red or shades like coral, orange, purple or pink to activate the wealth zone.
  7. Wallet – you need to prepare your own wallet to attract abundance and money in 2022. The rules are:
  • money should not be crumpled
  • arrange the money within the wallet by value (in ascending or descending order)
  • choose a larger wallet so that the money is not wrinkled
  • rule 3 wallets: 1 – wallet for each day, 2 – wallet with money for bills and expenses, 3 – wallet for keeping extra money. If you have some money left after paying all expenses and bills, then put that money in wallet 3. Do it for at least a year and you will see the results.
  • Write a lucky number on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet
  • You can also draw a sign indefinitely and put it in your wallet
  • Avoid keeping paid and old invoices, paper, old cards and business cards in your wallet
    The most important Feng shui and life rule for attracting money in 2022 is to realize that you deserve abundance and that you can achieve it. Set an intention now, work on it carefully and with a lot of love, and the money you want will come as a result of hard work at the right time.


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