12 easy ways to attract money

12 easy ways to attract money
The human brain alone cannot comprehend the meaning of the word money. Psychology has some answer and believes that money is a “secondary enhancer” that people perceive as a sensory experience. This means that money alone cannot do anything to meet basic needs – food, sleep, shelter, etc. For example, in case of hunger, money cannot be eaten. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui believes that people with lifestyle changes and small changes in the home can invoke abundance.

  1. Clutter creates poverty – crumpling a piece of paper with personal negative ideas about money is a good symbolic start. It is necessary to clean the actual clutter in the home (excess paper, garbage, etc.) Pay special attention to the far left corner of each room as oriented from the front door.
  2. Home cleaning-it is advisable to use chemical and natural cleaning products. There are hundreds of effective recipes for cleaning solutions (with lemon, baking soda, vinegar, etc.). By detoxifying all toiletries using ecological shampoos and soaps, the amount of toxins flowing from the home, i.e. from the drain pipes to the Earth, is reduced.
  3. Window cleaning is important – because clean windows symbolically symbolize fresh eyes and a clear mind to approach life with new ways.
  4. Plants in the home – Growing plants helps clean the air and reduce electromagnetic energy in the house. Healthy plants are the ultimate symbol of nature and abundance. A money tree or a Japanese tree can be grown for even greater symbolism in creating abundance. Any leafy and lush plant is a good choice.
    5.Kitchen- are ancient symbols of success. Good nutrition is already a symbol of abundance. Frequent use of the kitchen is desirable. Cook with great gratitude.
  5. Giving is always desirable — compassion is directly related to well-being. The flow is the same throughout life. Find a variety of ways to do humanitarian work, volunteer, help individuals and the wider community. And a small personal contribution is always important.
  6. Receiving guests should be done with joy – adding a little red paint (for example, a red pillow or flowers) is desirable. These details in the social space can attract more fresh energy and positive people to any home.
  7. Playing is important – stress causes stagnation, and play stimulates flow. Place a chessboard, some creative board games or a space for drawing, painting, knitting or a similar activity. Creativity will unlock a lot of unique solutions to problems that care will not solve. With the strengthening of private space – you improve your mood, enrich your energy while life becomes better and more successful in every aspect.
  8. Open space under the bed – the human subconscious during sleep is open and absorbs more energy, especially the energy of the bed. The space under the bed should therefore be open due to the open flow of energy that should flow evenly throughout the human body during the night. Piles of unnecessary objects under the bed create confusing energies that are absorbed unconsciously into the mind while people sleep. The space under the bed should be clean and open. However, Feng Shui believes that a so-called “treasure box” can be kept under the bed. It is a specific tool that transmits certain desires and intentions. You should choose the highest quality box because it causes higher energy vibration. A solid cover provides more secure and more stable energy. An open box will have a more “open” and “receiving” type of energy. The material of the box can be wood or glass or some other material. Wood is grounding and holds the energy of action and growth. Finely trimmed, gold box or imitation, silver or jeweled box will enhance the feeling of abundance. Glass box encourages energy of “clarity”. Knitted box suggests natural movement and encourages flexibility. Earth or ceramic box suggests energy of attention and care. In the box should be placed objects that will make the household or the owner of the box happy, ie objects to represent those happy feelings that we want to attract to life. Put in the box objects that will stimulate a certain desire to manifest money in the box put various banknotes, gold jewelry, gold coins, ducats, gems, precious and semi-precious stones, crystal but avoid putting a pile of minted change, put your own check of abundance). If you want to attract love, put natural scents, red candles, scented creams and oils in the box. The energy impact of the treasure box will be felt no matter where you put it under the bed, but the best place is under the navel. In this way, you are directly subtly “feeding” energy inside the box – just as the mother feeds the fetus through the umbilical cord. The treasure box should be inspected and refreshed every three months.
  9. Vivid colors in the parts of the home where you do money-related work – masters of Feng Shui techniques always emphasize the “area of ​​money” colors with green and purple. Green is the color of vitality and growth, and purple is a treasure.
  10. In the kitchen, find places for a bowl with grapes – it is ideal to mix white (green) and black (purple) grapes, and when the season of this fruit is over, replace it with a nice replica in stained wood or glass.
  1. Careful handling of money is imperative – many people have a habit of crumpling banknotes in their pockets or leaving money in various places in the home. When a person neglects money, then money starts to neglect that person. Keep money neatly stacked in a nice wallet or box. Make sure receipts are always nicely stacked, pack household bills in nice envelopes or plastic cases in vivid colors. Keep money / wallet / checks on the left side of the desk, where the place of money is in the workspace.
  2. Money is energy that needs to flow – if you don’t have enough money to give and spend, you can certainly give it to others with a little of your time or attention. Remember that the ocean is made up of a thousand drops. So spend a few minutes each night in gratitude for what you have and thinking about what you could give to others. Success is not just about getting or having more, but finding the positive side in that which we already have.As you feel greater gratitude for what you have, so more abundance and feelings of satisfaction will flow into your life.



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