Cherries can be a natural remedy for many ailments

Cherries (photo )

Cherries can be a natural remedy for many ailments
Cherries are a juicy treat all year round but can be an effective remedy against many ailments. Cherry, for example, prevents snoring, destroys intestinal bacteria while the stalks remove kidney stones.
Cherries and sour cherries are the closest relatives. Different names exist only in Slavic languages. The English, Germans and French call the cherry a “sweet cherry” because it is the opposite of a sour (ordinary) cherry. The high content of sugar in combination with organic acids (malic and citric) makes the taste of cherries unique. Cherries contain carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins (PP, folic acid and others), tannins, copper, potassium, iron and magnesium.
Sour cherries grown in the north have 2 to 3 times more vitamin C than sour cherries from the south. Cherries have an average of 11% pectin, which surpasses other berries. Salicylates (substances close to aspirin in terms of medicinal properties) are present in fruits and stalks. Cherry fruits are used in fresh, canned and dried form. Cherries are used to make cakes, sweets, liqueurs and wines. The leaves are used for pickling cabbage, cooking potion.
Cherry is a valuable dietary product because it strengthens appetite, digestion, regulates intestinal function. Medicinal liquid from cherries / tea is given to patients with fever. This tea also quenches thirst well. Domestic and industrial cherry juice destroys intestinal and dysenteric bacteria within an hour. Fresh cherries, juice and syrup are used against snoring due to inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract and bronchitis. In folk medicine against inflammatory conditions of the joints are used cherries with milk and cherry juice with milk in a ratio of 1: 1. The antiseptic and antipyretic properties of cherries are conditioned by the fact that salicylates are present in the soft part of the fruit. The soothing and anticonvulsant properties of the cherry medicinal liquid are due to the magnesium contained in the soft part of the fruit. Inedible parts often have medicinal properties. Such a medicinal liquid from the stalks has diuretic properties – which has been scientifically confirmed. The healing liquid from the stems and young shoots acts against diarrhea. It is often prescribed for the treatment of chronic colitis. Helps lower blood pressure. Medicinal liquid from cherry leaves in milk is useful against jaundice. Chopped fresh leaves or medicinal liquid successfully stops bleeding from the nose or to treat skin injuries.
Cherries have a sweet taste because they contain more sugar and less organic acids than cherries. Cherries outperform most berries in the amount of iron. It is used to treat microcytic anemia (especially in children). Cherry also raises hemoglobin levels.
Medicinal liquid with cherry stalks – pour one tablespoon of dried and hardened cherry stalks with a cup of boiling water. Cover the pan and cook for 15 minutes on low heat. Cool the drink and strain it through 4 layers of gauze. Take in several daily doses about twenty minutes before meals (useful against kidney stones, hypertension, dysentery and swelling). Therapy lasts 2 to 3 weeks.
Cherry baskets are an excellent heat saver. Put the baskets in a canvas bag and heat. They serve as a hot water bottle. If you put a canvas bag with pits in the freezer, then you get a natural ice compress. It can be used for sore joints or muscles because they hold cold and / or heat for a long time.
Cherry drink
You need: 400 g of pitted cherries, 1.7 liters of water, 6 tablespoons of potato starch and sugar to taste. Pour water over the cherries and let them boil. Reduce heat and add sugar. Cook for ten minutes. Dissolve the starch in approximately half a glass of cold boiled water. Stir well to break up lumps and add to mixture. Remove from the stove as soon as the mixture boils. Drink a hot or cold beverage.

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