Four natural remedies for sore throat

Four natural remedies for sore throat
Sore throat (Latin pharyngitis) is often accompanied by dryness and sore throat, tenderness, scratching in the throat and dry irritating cough. It is an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the throat or the back wall of the palate. The causes of sore throat can be various (viral or infectious inflammatory condition, reaction to chemical corrosion, return of the acidic part of the contents from the stomach or other stimuli). It is most often recommended to rinse the throat, coat the mucous membrane with medicinal preparations and use antiseptic lozenges. For worsening conditions, doctors take a swab from the throat to determine the composition of the microflora of the pharyngeal mucosa and sensitivity to antibiotics and choose the appropriate preparation. If the sore throat is long-lasting, treatment with antibiotics is needed. The real reason for recurrence and difficulties with treatment in other organs and systems of the organism should be found. The reason can be general weakness of the organism, hot, spicy and acidic food, problems with the thyroid gland (goiter), worsening of cervical osteochondrosis and chronic inflammatory condition of the kidneys.
Folk remedies for the treatment of pharyngitis reduce the inflammatory condition and strengthen the immune system. These preparations are great for inhalation and gargling.
Eucalyptus and sage – with one liter of water pour 4 tablespoons of dry and chopped eucalyptus leaves and 4 tablespoons of dried sage. Rinse throat several times a day with warm liquid. Take two tablespoons of this drink several times a day.

Marigold-with one liter of boiling water pour two tablespoons of dried chopped marigold flowers. Drink a few sips a day. Rinse throat several times a day.
Currant – mix four tablespoons of fresh or frozen currant fruit with honey. Leave for 7 days. Eat one tablespoon of the mixture before meals until recovery.
After rinsing the throat with medicinal herbs, one spoon of honey can be eaten slowly (preferably honey with honeycomb). Eliminate hot, sour and spicy foods and foods that irritate the mucous membranes of the throat from your diet. Rinse your throat often with herbal fluids and teas made from chamomile flowers, calendula, sage and thyme, eucalyptus leaves and oak bark. One plant or a combination of several plants can be used. One small spoon of dried or fresh herbs is enough for one cup of boiling water. Leave for half an hour, then rinse your throat every hour with hot tea. Do neck warm-ups and stretching exercises, head tilts and twists, and similar neck / head exercises daily. Include more green fruits and vegetables (spice, parsley, mint, sunflower seeds, sprouted wheat, clover sprouts) in your diet. Perform therapy with agents (pharmaceutical or phyto-preparations according to the doctor’s recommendations) that strengthen immunity.

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