The gemstone “rauchtopaz” reduces depression and releases negative energy

The gemstone “rauchtopaz” reduces depression and releases negative energy
This talisman-shaped gemstone protects against “black magic” – according to belief. It helps thoughts to “rise” from the darkness of the subconscious to areas of higher consciousness and radiance. This smoky quartz helps the owner from mastering the wisdom that humanity has accumulated. It attracts happiness and develops the natural abilities, success and sympathies of the environment.
The most precious rauch-topazes are light yellow and golden in color. These stones are considered the Buddha’s sacred stone in India and Tibet. This stone possessed the magical power of an individual’s spiritual cleansing — according to belief. The stone could change negative thoughts and feelings into positive thoughts and feelings. And the stone could take an individual from the material world to a spiritual view of life and a philosophical attitude towards life. No need to buy dark stone especially not stone with black inserts. This stone brought misfortune to the owners, disfavor of people from higher social classes, chiefs and gentlemen, nervous system disorders and diseases.

There is a legend about a cup made of rauchtopaz. An individual gains youth, health and beauty if he drinks the liquid from this cup. And any person who drinks from a cup – can cure any disease. The same effect has the water in which the eastern yogi would immerse the stone in a special meditative state – nirvana and beneficial silence without haste, worries and heavy thoughts. Often this very stone would be most deserving of entering into the perfect balance of body and spirit. By observing this smoky quartz, people would get rid of negative energy, toxic substances. Calmness in people would then be present. An ordinary individual should not buy this stone out of curiosity. Or a ball of this stone. However, for many people, a ring with this stone can be useful. When buying / purchasing this stone, you should pay attention to the color of the stone.
Rauchtopaz is a stone of peace that calms overly emotional people, neutralizes malice, removes stress and irritability, and frees from jealousy, insult and pride. Wearing a stone on the ring and on the right hand improves the function of the adrenal glands, kidneys and pancreas. Enhances erection and strengthens reproductive function. Contributes to healing from narcotics. This stone has the ability to relieve pain, treat depression, neurosis and panic attacks. It is good to wear bracelets or beads for this purpose. In extreme cases, bioenergetics recommend squeezing the crystal in each hand or holding the crystals until they warm up. The stone encourages prophetic dreams if placed under a pillow. It then absorbs external negative energy into itself. Strengthens the ability to dream and correct dream interpretation.
Rauchtopaz is reminiscent of the esteemed relative-stone topaz. But rauchtopaz is more common in nature and has a lower price. It is a natural stone that is a variety of quartz. It has a rich range of shades from smoke and dark brown to gray or dark gray and purple shades. It is a close relative of crystals, so it has similar properties and qualities to crystals. It is known that media and psychics in practice often use crystal balls to predict the future and seek answers to user questions. The same crystal balls are made of rauchtopaz. However, not every extrasense uses these magic balls, especially not with dark shades (because they have a greater magical power and, according to legend, serve as a conduit to the realm of the dead). This stone was called the crystal of Osiris in ancient Egypt. Osiris resided in the realm of the dead — as old beliefs and books say. Today, psychics call this dark stone “twilight stone”.

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