Smells have always had a strong impact on every person

Smells have always had a strong impact on every person
The smell of the human body is the result of chemical reactions in the body that accompany any activity of that person. Sweating, for example, is caused by fear, overeating erotic arousal. Sick people have a specific smell. If doctors used to often use their own nose as one of the diagnostic tools. It was thought that the smell of tuberculosis was reminiscent of the smell of stale beer, or that a person had yellow fever if the smell of the breath was reminiscent of butcher’s. Diabetes, hepatitis and even angina can be recognized by the smell. Scientists from Russia have determined that as many as 60 different diseases can be identified according to the smell, each of which has specific characteristics. Healthy people also have an odor that depends on a particular set of digestive enzymes that is different for each person. The smell of each person depends on the place of residence and ethnicity. Europeans are thought to smell similar to cabbage, the Japanese have the smell of fish while the Dutch have the smell of sour milk. All the food that enters the body in some way affects the composition of sweat that is excreted through the skin. People whose stomach digests food smell best. Body odor can change depending on the season, age and in women – from the menstrual cycle.
People have a craving for certain scents and it is determined genetically. Every person is exposed to the scent from the mother’s womb, so the scents that the baby inhales before birth will most likely be present and attractive in later life. Scientists have not been able to establish the nature of the scent for a long time. It was not until the end of the 20th century that scientists determined that there were more than 1,000 genes in the human body that could recognize various substances by smell. There are no people indifferent to smells. Today, it is already known that human skin is a kind of factory for the production of various pheromones (the only fluid that the skin secretes). Pheromones are mainly produced in the armpits and genitals. In these places there are hairs or hairs with a specific purpose. Namely, the hair that grows on these surfaces of the body retains the smell of sweat, which due to the presence of pheromones in itself attracts or repels people of the opposite sex. Men whose body secretes the male sex hormone androsterone will be successful for women while women have the substance copulin (in the secretion of the female sexual organ) which makes them attractive to men. Of crucial importance for the emotional perception of loved ones may be the smell emitted during breathing while a person waves his arms and turns his head. It has also been empirically proven that communication difficulties can be overcome under the influence of odors emitted by a person, which in turn has a positive effect on the interlocutor / opposite party. People also bypass some people if their smell doesn’t match.

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