Use of vitamins and food supplements during winter and colder periods

Use of vitamins and food supplements during winter and colder periods
During the summer, the body can be strengthened with valuable substances from the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables. With colder weather, a significant lack of vitamins is felt. If the body does not get enough vitamins, then colds, flu, dizziness, fatigue and the like occur. But hypervitaminosis is also dangerous. Acute hypervitaminosis is when the dose is exceeded once, which is reminiscent of poisoning, while in the case of chronic hypervitaminosis, each vitamin has its own symptoms. Optimal vitamin stores should be stored wisely in the body.

  1. The amount of a vitamin intake is important – you should not overdo it with vitamin intake because then hypervitaminosis occurs. Excess vitamin A (increased risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease) and D (causes hypercalcemia) are especially dangerous. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using supplements.
  2. Vitamins should be drunk only with water – the rest of the drink after the reaction with vitamins is reflected on the stomach. The effect of vitamins weak citrus, tea and coffee. Therefore, you can consume vitamins only half an hour after taking the preparation.
  3. The time of intake is important – the absorption of vitamins depends on this factor. Vitamins should mostly be taken in the first half of the day. Before or after a meal — it is stated in the instructions.
  4. Order of vitamin-vitamin consumption should not be taken together with other preparations containing omega 3 fatty acids (for example, fish oil) due to the risk of excess vitamins A and D. It is preferable to drink fish oil therapy first and in two to three weeks another means.
  5. Diabetes and vitamins – the choice of food products for diabetics is limited. This can cause vitamin deficiency which means serious consequences. That is why it is desirable for people with diabetes to eat as many raw fruits and vegetables that are not sweet, berries and the use of a special complex of vitamins recommended by a doctor.
  6. For the spine-dried fruit that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and other useful substances has a positive effect on the tissue of the vertebrae, preventing injury. The rule should be adopted to eat one dried fig, one prune and 5 prunes and 5 dried apricots once every 6 months before going to bed – so that the spine hurts less.

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