Almandine is a stone that protects the heart from mental pain

Almandine is a stone that protects the heart from mental pain
Almandine is a type of garnet but has a different color and properties. The classic garnet resembles pomegranate seeds in color, while almandine looks more like amethyst or alexandrite, although it has a different chemical composition, energy and a different crystal lattice. Almandine has an ancient history and is known to peoples around the world. Due to its beauty and properties, this stone has been appreciated in various countries. Other names are embers or alabandi ruby, American garnet, Ceylon garnet. In ancient Greece, this stone was called anatrax. Ancient masters used this stone to make magnificent jewelry and decorated the canvases of church sacred images.

  1. This stone is believed to have strong magical and healing properties. Modern folk healers have confirmed the healing properties of this stone. It is believed that the stone solves metabolic disorders, strengthens immunity, protects and strengthens the heart and lungs, and protects the heart from mental pain.
  2. A stone in contact with the skin, for example a pendant, stabilizes the work of the heart muscle and strengthens circulation. The pendant with this stone is believed to improve wound healing and skin regeneration.
  3. Almandine amulets were given by women to soldiers to alleviate mental pain and suffering. Because a stone filled with love has a stronger effect and protects the owner. An amulet made of this stone is an indispensable travel assistant.
  4. It protects men from anger while it protects women from pain and disappointment. Men are advised to wear this stone in the form of jewelry to strengthen male sexual power and good circulation.
  5. Experts in astromineralogy claim that the stone brings fidelity and new passion to a couple in love. Interestingly, men were given jewelry made of this stone to channel anger and rage into sexual power and energy.
  6. Tradition says that a stone carries a piece of fire and strong fire characteristics. This semi-precious stone can drive away the sadness of the owner and fill the soul with happiness and joy.
  7. Therefore, we should remember that the stone loves joy, happiness and fun, and later the stone will return the received impulses to the owner and give optimism and courage in the most difficult moments.

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