5 healthy breakfasts especially effective for women of all ages

5 healthy breakfasts especially effective for women of all ages
Nutritionists have chosen five healthy breakfasts that are recommended for all people but especially for women of all ages. The healthiest choices are complex carbohydrates, ie wholemeal bread, cereals and whole grain flakes. This food takes a long time to digest and therefore gives energy for longer. Then there are dairy products, eggs, fish and meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. The best morning drink is juice or green tea. Yogurt is a good choice for dinner and coffee for the afternoon.

  1. Omelet or fried eggs – fried eggs can be perfectly combined with all other foods. In a deep frying pan, put sliced ​​tomatoes and peppers, slices of cheese, then pour over scrambled eggs and sprinkle with chopped parsley. An omelette requires two eggs, a tomato, spices and hard cheese. Add scrambled eggs to the tomato peel, sprinkle with cheese and spices. Bake covered for another 5 minutes.
  2. Salad-fruit salad is a great breakfast. Slice the banana, orange, kiwi and grapefruit. This combination of fruits gives energy and vitality. You can start the morning with a vegetable salad. In the evening, cut the cabbage and carrots, add salt and lightly mix these vegetables. Keep refrigerated overnight. In the morning, add tomato or cucumbers and pour over with vegetable oil. Some people add an apple to this salad. Nutritionists say that kiwi, avocado and cheese help women for longevity and beauty. Make an avocado salad, add a piece of cheese and a slice of black bread. Drink green tea.
  3. Dairy products – sour milk products have a healing effect on the female body. A very simple breakfast is to mix 100 grams of young cow’s cheese with honey and fruit. Or mash 500 grams of young cow’s cheese with a fork. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of sour cream, one or two eggs, half a cup of wheat grits, diced fruit, salt, sugar and vanilla. Stir and place in the oven for about 20 minutes.
  4. Green tea and smoothie- for women it is useful to include juices in the morning menu. Drink green tea instead of coffee or black tea. Green tea has a positive effect on the skin, digestion and proper weight loss. For a smoothie, plain or mashed fruit with milk or yogurt can be used. Whisk the banana, kiwi and apple or any seasonal fruit with milk or yogurt and add spices as desired. Sprinkle with cinnamon and vanilla.
  5. Oatmeal is the best option for breakfast. A little milk, butter, sugar or honey can be added. The longest feeling of satiety is obtained with the addition of nuts, grated or dried fruit. It can be prepared with milk and honey or as a side dish to fried eggs. Burgers can also be made. Add a little mashed potatoes, egg and salt to the cooked buckwheat. Mix everything. Make small patties, roll in flour and fry in a hot pan. Buckwheat is a great option for anyone who wants to lose excess weight. Buckwheat contains a large amount of useful vitamins and minerals.


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