7 recipes for homemade vegetable face masks

7 recipes for homemade vegetable masks
Vegetable masks give the skin on the face freshness, elasticity and radiance. The recipes are simple while the vegetables / ingredients need to be ground in a blender or meat grinder. The effect of these masks is instantaneous. Choose more complex mixtures and recipes if you have enough free time.

  1. Face mask with spring onions – is the most effective mask for restoring a balanced healthy complexion and normalizing the balance of fat in the skin. Grind the spring onions together with the heads. Squeeze the juice from the onion. Mix the juice with an equal amount of honey. Put the mosaic on your face. Add very little vinegar to the mask if the skin is oily. Hold the mask for about half an hour. Remove with a cotton ball soaked in warm water. Then rub the skin with a dry swab.
  2. Mask with peas – this mask gives a matte shade to already glowing skin. Grind young peas with beans into a porridge. Add fresh sour cream. Apply the mask in a thick layer on the face and neck. Remove the mask with a dry paper towel after half an hour.
  3. Cabbage mask – this mask is used for people who stay in the sun for a long time. Put a mask of chopped cabbage. Rinse after half an hour. Cabbage soothes and hydrates the skin on the face.
  4. Tomato mask-tomato is a nourishing component for dry skin. Mix the ground tomatoes with the starch until you get a thick paste. Add a little olive oil and put the mask on your face. Rinse with room temperature water. The tomato mask helps oily skin with large pores. Only tomatoes are used for this skin and keep the mask on your face for half an hour.
  5. Mask with young carrots – is great for oily, problematic, pale and withered skin. For preparation, it is better to use fruits that are not too bright in color. Grate or grind two well-washed and uncleaned young carrots in a blender. Add one fresh egg yolk and a few drops of any vegetable oil, ie olive or sunflower oil. Hold the mask for about 20 minutes, then carefully remove with a swab soaked in warm water. Put all the ingredients in the mask for problematic skin, but instead of egg yolks, put one egg white and a little more oil. Egg whites should not be stirred.
  6. Mask with cucumbers – is a great tool for all skin types. Nourishes, moisturizes and evens out skin color. It is best to use freshly cut cucumber peel which is put on the face and covered with a fabric bandage or gauze. Peel off after about 20 minutes and wait a while until the face is dry. Wash with warm water and apply some nourishing cream on your face. You can also grind cucumber peel in a blender and apply the resulting paste on your face instead of cucumber peel strips. A mixture of cucumber and sour cream is one of the variants of face masks. One tablespoon of ground bark and one tablespoon of sour cream is enough for the mask. A small spoonful of rose water can be added. Put the foamy mixture on your face and hold for about 20 minutes. Remove with a heated towel and then rub your face lightly with rose water. The fastest-acting mask consists of cucumber juice and honey in a ratio of 6: 1. Hold on the skin for ten minutes. Do not wash with water after removing the mask from the face.
  7. Mask with watermelon and pumpkin – these masks strengthen metabolism and regenerate the skin. Grind the selected vegetables in a blender and keep the mask on your face for about 20 minutes. The face should not be rinsed with water. Carefully remove the mask with a cotton swab previously soaked in warm water. Then wipe your face with a swab dipped in colder water.

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