Bitter wormwood is an effective and respected ancient remedy

Bitter wormwood is an effective and respected ancient remedy
Wormwood can be found all over the world. The wormwood genus includes about 400 species in total. The common or wild or black wormwood (Latin Artemisia vulgaris) is easily distinguished by its almost purple tree, even a meter to a meter and a half in height. It blooms in August while the seeds ripen in September. Wormwood in the form of weeds grows everywhere, ie around residential buildings, on neglected land along roads, on the banks of rivers, lakes, meadows and valleys. The plant has a pleasant spicy aroma that is enhanced by rubbing the leaves. May produce an allergic reaction. The aboveground part of the plant is collected in summer because it is the flowering season. Take the root out of the soil during September and October.
Black wormwood has a lot of healing properties. The plant contains carotene, citric acid, glycosides, tannins, alkaloids, coumarins (anticoagulant effect – against blood clotting). It is known for its aromatic essential oils – borneol, ie the scent is similar to camphor or patchouli, thujone is similar to menthol, cineole is similar to eucalyptus. Because of these properties, black wormwood is widely used in the perfume industry. The aboveground part of the plant and the root of wormwood are used to treat gastritis, neurosis, neurasthenia, insomnia, convulsions and muscle cramps due to fever and epilepsy, paralysis and kidney stones. Fresh or dried black wormwood and root are used in small quantities in the form of spices for various fatty meat dishes, ie duck, goose and pork because it facilitates digestion. Tincture of black wormwood leaves is used to increase appetite, good digestion, reduce stomach and intestinal pain and flatulence, ie bloating.
With water and alcoholic extracts of the plant, migraine, hypertension, swelling, hyperthyroidism, i.e. increased function of the thyroid or thyroid gland, diabetes and tuberculosis are treated. Black wormwood is used to treat women’s diseases, namely painful menstrual cycles, amenorrhea, ie the absence of menstrual cycles, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer. Impotence is shed with the seeds of this type of wormwood.
Freshly picked wormwood leaves are great for preparing tinctures that are used to treat ulcers and wounds that do not heal for a long time. The prepared tea from the leaves can be used to rinse and disinfect the oral cavity in case of stomatitis, i.e. white canker sores on the mucous membrane of the mouth. A bath with concentrated wormwood tea is used for children who have a cold or rickets. Black wormwood also has insecticidal properties to repel bugs and mosquitoes.

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