Emerald is a precious stone that normalizes sleep


Emerald is a precious stone that normalizes sleep
Lithotherapists are happy to write and talk about the emerald that was celebrated because of Queen Cleopatra. Most contemporaries know Queen Cleopatra from the famous movie with Elisabeth Taylor in the lead role. The Queen of Egypt was glorified much earlier in legends, paintings, sculptures and various works of art. The young poet Marco Aney Lukan or Cleopatra’s contemporary was the first to describe the life of his favorite queen. In the ten-volume epic, this poet described the interior of Cleopatra’s castle, including the boudoir door (rooms for grooming and make-up) decorated with inserted emeralds. We know today that emeralds were Queen Cleopatra’s favorite stones because of this epic. Legend goes on to say that the queen considered the emerald ring to be a love talisman and wore only one emerald ring on her left finger all her life, which she never took off her hand. It is believed that the artery from the little finger leads to the heart, and every ring on that finger is considered a love talisman. The sumptuous ring was lost after the queen’s death, but it is unlikely that it was completely lost. The memory of this ring lives on today.
The Queen of Sheba also loved emeralds. The biblical King Solomon singled out the emerald among the treasures. The descriptions of the rainbow surrounding God’s throne point to the emerald that also forms the fourth foundation of the wall of heavenly Jerusalem. The stone does not fit into vicious and evil persons and cracks may appear on the stone if the wearer is a bad person. The emerald is considered a special gemstone associated with a higher religious spirit. The action of the emerald is identical to the action of the guardian angel for a pure and sinless person. An emerald will not bring goodness to a bad person.
The healing properties of the green gemstone emerald
Green has a symbol of birth and the arrival of spring. This gemstone has always been a symbol of love and beauty. Modern treatment with precious and semi-precious stones (lithotherapy) claims that an emerald built into a ring, pendant or earrings brings good luck. It inspires with optimism, raises morale and spirit and drives away sadness. Emerald helps to calm a person of restless spirit and strengthens the ability to know and understand and distinguish truth from lies. This stone makes a good contribution against fever, inflammatory conditions, liver and heart disease, diabetes and skin and bladder diseases.
Nightmares stop and sleep is normalized if a person wears emeralds regularly. It is recommended for people prone to depression who often feel anxious and tired and have panic attacks, and for people prone to outbursts of aggression and mood swings. It gives a person the ability to ward off unnecessary pain and torture. Emerald used to be worn on the neck against epilepsy. Doctors of ancient Chinese medicine believed that this stone improves eye vision and even helps with cataracts. Emeralds protect from spells and enemies, help in love and give the owner beauty and youth. This stone should be worn flush with the heart for love. This stone is also good to pass from one family generation to another family generation.

Emerald deposits have been found all over the world. The basic division is hydrothermal, loose and pegmatite. Jewels are extracted by mining and open pit mining. In the Latin American country of Colombia, 60 to 95% of all emeralds are mined annually, although the percentage of extraction varies from year to year. Local emeralds are of high quality and purity.In Zambia, emeralds are mined in the famous Kagem mines and the quality of emeralds here is higher than the quality of emeralds from Colombia.The emerald found in Brazil has a yellow tinge and average quality with no foreign inclusions. Large emeralds found in Russian mines in the Urals and Primorye are characterized by increased hardness.

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