Every person should be a moderate workaholic (tips)

Every person should be a moderate workaholic (tips)
The term “workaholic” is a combination of the two words “work” and “alcoholic”, which indicates that this is a kind of addiction. That is, work dependence, which is often explained as an “escape from reality.” A workaholic loves his own business and more than enough. One gets the impression that this person never rests or rests. A workaholic is a person willing to sacrifice private life and family relationships. The most difficult time for this person are days off. A workaholic considers any entertainment and non-business activity a waste of time. This person does not feel satisfied in life and home is a place where that person renews his strength for further business activities. The focus of this person’s attention is on the work process. Practically, in every work collective, experts completely dedicated to work are especially respected. Company managements usually further encourage and cite these people as an example to other employees, thus increasing their dependence on the work of these people.
Radoholism is associated with emotional problems and mental confusion, psychiatrists say. It occurs in the form of anxiety, restlessness and fear for no particular reason. The person relies on work which becomes a ritual to reduce mental restlessness. Professional increased activity is a form of narcotics that does not allow a person to think about some more serious topics and issues. Close people then become collaborators and not spouses. There are partners who, due to a comfortable life, money and other benefits, agree to this way of life. Women usually do not agree in this way to the absence of their partner’s attention, so in most cases, divorce occurs.
In China, this problem is being addressed by civil servants, i.e. the problem is being solved at the state level. About 600,000 people die each year as a result of this problem in China. In Japan, this problem is at the level of the current social catastrophe. Working hours of 12 hours a day are common for many companies, so workers even sleep at work. The management of Japanese companies requires maximum commitment from employees. That is why employees use a maximum of 6 days for annual leave even though they have one month of annual leave. Every sixth employee in the United States and the United Kingdom works more than 60 hours a week. As many as 30% of the population in Canada are workaholic. In the Netherlands, the term “holiday illness” is popular because people are often obsessed with work. The diagnosis of “vacation illness” is established when employees lose their peace of mind during days off or vacation.

People who love their job too much and enjoy spending time in the company never have free time to be treated for this type of addiction. Fatigue and excitement are closely related to work and can cause the development of chronic fatigue, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and digestive system, and unfortunately affect depression and insomnia.
The solution to this problem is to directly confront the person and the problem and accept the existence of the problem. The solution is to continue living at the same pace or accepting life diversity. It is necessary to find the reasons that preceded the problem. Then it is possible to therapy and gradually confront the person with other joys of life – travel, hobbies, family joys, vacation. All this should be done with love and dedication, and the results will not be missed. Daily work of a maximum of 8 hours including a break is desirable. Early sleep and early awakening are preferred. The second part of the day should be without the use of technical devices and mobile phones. We need to make a “buffer zone” out of work. Before going to bed, it is advisable to use herbal teas and beverages, baths and massages. It is advisable to choose a hobby that occupies time and attention, such as fishing, chess, painting, recreational shooting and the like. A break of at least seven days should be used at least twice a year. Because addiction to work harms both the individual and the environment.

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