Barefoot walking strengthens immunity and is beneficial to all generations

Barefoot walking strengthens immunity and is beneficial to all generations
Doctors in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome recommended walking barefoot for the purpose of prevention, general strengthening of the organism and healing. Socrates and Seneca considered barefoot walking a way to strengthen and develop intellectual abilities. Normalizes and stabilizes blood pressure and strengthens oxidative processes in the body, especially the supply of oxygen to tissues. It is desirable to walk for 15 minutes, which will gradually increase to 30 minutes a day. In summer, walk on warm puddles and in winter run for a few minutes on the snow. A person who often walks without socks and shoes is always in a good mood. The feet are the most powerful reflex zones on the body. It has the most receptors on the feet. Walking barefoot activates these receptors as well as biologically active points. Each of these points is connected with a certain organ in the body, thus stimulating the work of all internal organs in the body. Walking in shoes provides a constant pleasant microclimate, which reduces the function of biologically active points. Due to these constant warm conditions, even short-term cooling can cause a cold. That is why walking without shoes restores natural conditions to the feet and has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Walking barefoot has a healing and therapeutic effect in the initial stages of some diseases and is not harmful to health. Helps restore energy balance. The local population of some countries (Indonesia, India, Vietnam) still walks barefoot, so there is almost no orthopedic pathology at all.
The general rule for walking without shoes / socks is gradual, systematic and constant. In the initial phase, the child should walk barefoot on parquet, laminate or carpet at short intervals. So there is no uncomfortable feeling. The child later switches to barefoot walking on pastures, meadows, i.e. on colder and more uneven surfaces. The best option is to walk on mown grass or small gravel for every beginner in barefoot walking. This way of walking has the best effect on the active points of the feet. Buddhists, for example, like to walk along the bed of a mountain stream. It is believed that a person can be healed if he crosses 108 steps. The wooden box can be filled with sand for walking on sand and gravel. Or fill the tub with water. In addition to walking without shoes / socks, it is useful to practice daily cold and warm foot baths. Contrasting water temperature strengthens the effect of strengthening the immunity of each person.

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