Cucumber with plenty of water and few calories is an ideal cosmetic

Cucumber with plenty of water and few calories is an ideal cosmetic
Cucumber is a vegetable that was grown in India 6,000 years ago. Cucumber is a herbaceous plant from the pumpkin family. Juicy fruits contain up to 97% water. There are only 14 calories in 100 grams of vegetables. Modern nutritionists and naturopaths share the opinion that cucumber has both taste and a certain nutritional value. The high water content is absorbed more slowly and expelled faster than free liquid. Therefore, it has a healing effect on the body. Water in vegetables and fruits is the most nutritious component because this liquid was distilled by nature. Cucumber contains fiber, small amounts of ascorbic acid, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, PP and minerals (iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium). Greenhouse cucumbers have fewer ingredients than cucumbers from open vegetable gardens. Greenhouse cucumbers do not have vitamin PP, they have more potassium but less magnesium. Most of the micro-elements are contained in the peel, so cucumbers are eaten unpeeled.
Cucumbers are well absorbed by the body and there are no unwanted allergic reactions. However, there are some side effects. It is necessary to limit the use of fresh cucumbers to exclusion from the diet due to acute exacerbation of gastric and duodenal ulcers, acute gastritis for any reason, acute enteritis and colitis, kidney stones and nephritis with alkaline urinary reactions. Salted and pickled cucumbers are contraindicated due to acute hepatitis, cholecystitis and kidney stones. Cucumber use should be limited due to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, kidney disease and obesity.
Cucumber in home-made cosmetics
Cucumber juice and fresh cucumber pulp give the skin whiteness, tenderness, radiance, elasticity and softness. Wrinkles on the face and pores are reduced. With cucumber juice and the inside of the peel, rub the face against pimples, freckles, pigment spots and burns. The face can be rubbed along the massage lines with sliced ​​cucumber rings. On the parts of the skin where wrinkles form the earliest, put a piece of frozen cucumber and heat it a little first.
9 health benefits of cucumbers:

  1. Water from these vegetables rejuvenates the body.
  2. Cucumber juice is an excellent diuretic. It expels excess uric acid from the body and thus treats rheumatism and gout.
  3. Cucumbers are useful in case of swelling associated with heart disease.
  4. Cucumber has a laxative effect.
  5. Folk medicine advises cucumber juice as a sedative and painkiller for cramps in the intestines and stomach.
  6. Half a cup of pulp a day on an empty stomach helps against colitis.
  7. Cucumber is great for weight loss because it is a low calorie product.
  8. Folk medicine suggests cucumber juice due to catarrh of the upper respiratory tract or juice with honey in small sips during the day.
  9. Cucumber stimulates the work of bile. Cucumber juice in combination with carrot juice is an effective drink for the treatment of bile, liver and prostate. The most useful is the juice of bitter cucumbers.

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