10 tips for better health throughout the year

10 tips for better health throughout the year
These tips require virtually no effort from the individual. And it’s never too late to start applying some more effective methods for maintaining good health during all seasons of the year.

  1. Morning water – it is good to drink one glass of water with one small spoon of olive oil and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Water is the basic drink, while olive oil is an excellent “lubricant” for the intestines. Lemon gives energy.
  2. Fish on the menu several times a week – omega 3 fatty acids from sea fish strengthen the heart, lower blood cholesterol, strengthen memory and prevent depression.
  3. The TV doesn’t need to be in the bedroom — if you have the option then move the TV to the living room or any room other than the bedroom. Sleeping in a room without technical devices gives every person a lot of strength in the morning.
  4. Reducing drinks and meals with sugar – Excess sugar contributes to obesity, which increases the risk of diabetes and raises the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Teeth are damaged quickly. Hidden sugar is in biscuits, carbonated drinks, candies, industrial juices.
  5. Getting up from a chair / bed every half hour – a long stay in a static position causes fatigue and strong mental irritability. Any exercise every half hour is desirable. A short warm-up with light arm and leg exercises helps to relax stiff muscles which strengthens the generally subjective feeling.
  6. Measuring blood pressure – High blood pressure is known to be called a “silent killer”. For many years, hypertension may be asymptomatic. Then the condition of the blood vessels worsens and the risk of heart attack, stroke, loss of consciousness and kidney disease increases. Measuring blood pressure allows you to reduce the risk of these diseases in a timely manner.
  7. Communication is important – any physical meeting, meeting, socializing, pleasant conversations and the like are welcome in the modern “online” way of life. Do these gatherings / meetings at least once a week.
  8. Walking – increases the endurance of the body, especially the cardiovascular system. A walk of at least half an hour at a moderate pace at least 5 times a week is recommended. The load level is measured with a pedometer, ie a device for measuring steps. Walking at a speed of 5 km / h is considered a medium load and strengthens muscles, heart and contributes to burning calories.
  9. Everyday positive thinking-anticipation of some beautiful event, birthday, travel, celebration and thinking ahead will create a good mood. If you translate this rule into everyday life then you will be in a good mood most of the day. Every day you think of a good event such as a good TV series, an interesting TV program or any small event. Subjective feelings and mood will be at an enviable level if an individual praises himself every day, even for some insignificant endeavor.
  10. Failure is a part of life — many people just fantasize about good accomplishments without making real strides toward that goal and fearing failure. Failure is only a part of life and one should still be active because activity leads to success and achieving goals. Your own contempt causes stress, horny headaches and raises blood pressure.


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