4 effective natural preparations for sore knees

4 effective natural preparations for sore knees
Severe pain in the spine, knees, back and arms makes it difficult to move and perform daily activities. There are natural remedies that can alleviate these pains to some extent.

  1. Horseradish leaf-horseradish leaf should be briefly placed in boiling water. Then hold the sheet on your knees for a few hours. The sheet is then fastened to the knees with a cloth. Horseradish leaf draws out the accumulated salts well, so the pain disappears. Repeat daily for seven days. Then take a break and repeat the procedure.
  2. Compresses with fat – a great help for this type of pain are fat wraps. Apply a bandage with fresh and unsalted lard to the sore spot. Hold overnight. Take off the bandage in the morning. In the evening, put on a fresh wrap again. A person can feel great relief for several procedures.
  3. Beef gelatin – put one small spoonful of powdered gelatin in half a glass of boiling water. Keep it overnight until the mixture swells. In the morning, add more warm water and a little honey. Have a drink. Use this solution for seven to ten days, then take breaks. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  4. Potatoes with cologne-at the time of flowering potatoes and during dry weather find flowers. Dry in a dark place. Fill a half-liter bottle with flowers and fill with cologne. Keep for 2 to 3 weeks in a dark place. With this product, you can rub painful places on the knees, back, and against arthritis, osteochondrosis and radiculopathy, ie inflammatory conditions of the nerves. You should be careful with potato flowers because they contain a strong poison-solanine. Solanine in small doses is harmless and has healing properties. Rubbing diseased joints with potato blossom products is allowed, but these products are not recommended for internal use.

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