Flint, marble and granite are the best protectors of the home

Flint, marble and granite are the best protectors of the home
It has long been known that some types of stone neutralize harmful radiation and clean the environment and harmonize the living environment. Lithotherapy deals with the healing properties and treatment of precious and semi-precious stones, although the healing properties of stones can be applied to the home and the environment. Flint, marble and granite are types of stones that maintain energy balance in the atmosphere and also help protect the household. Chinese Feng Shui philosophy recommends the use of red gemstones to counteract bad energy and overcome obstacles to progress in the home. Red gemstones should be wrapped in a piece of red or yellow cloth, say Feng Shui practitioners. Then this stone should be buried in the southwestern or northeastern part of the yard or simply kept in a glass container in the southwestern or northeastern corner / part of the home. Wearing crystal jewelry is recommended to fulfill desires.
Flint is the strongest protector of the home. This stone perfectly stimulates the energy of the home and protects the hosts from trouble, illness and fatigue. The strength of flint is achieved by placing smaller pieces of flint in the corners of the rooms in the house. Every approximately 3 months old, replace the old pieces of flint with new ones to give the old flint a rest. Keep old pieces of flint in the sun for a day, but never in water that can “kill” the stone.
Marble has the ability to absorb so-called “dead” energy. That is why tombstones are made of this stone. The stone is useful to the living because it removes negative energy from a person. A good choice is a marble threshold or a plate on which a person can stand on two legs – which should be practiced daily for a few minutes.
Granite is a protector against evil eyes and bad desires. It has the ability to convert absorbed negative energy into positive energy. Granite should be washed at least once in about 15 days under running water and dried in the sun so that this stone faithfully and well serves its purpose. Granite does not like low temperatures or sudden changes in temperature, so it is not advisable to keep this stone outdoors during the winter.
And crystals have good home protection skills
In the cracks and cavities of the rocks, groups of free crystals called “druses” form. The free part of the druse is versatile because they have as many as a few dozen corners and flat surfaces. Crystals can really become friends with people because they have the ability to bring absolute harmony to a certain space. Rock crystals, quartz and amethyst perfectly protect the home.
Mountain crystal-strengthens memory and speech
Lazurite strengthens family and friendly relationships. It solves insomnia.
Hematite-normalizes blood pressure and strengthens male potency.
Selenite-neutralizes geopathogenic zones. The plank on the window inside the home is the best place for this crystal.
Onyx, chaorite and quartz keep a friendly, positive and cheerful atmosphere within the family.
Citrine – brings business success to all household members.

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