Willow is a tree that relieves headaches and removes inflammatory conditions

Willow is a tree that relieves headaches and removes inflammatory conditions
The most famous fact about willow: the basic active substance of the famous and world-famous aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, the source of which is willow bark.
The healing properties of the white willow, have long been known in ancient Egyptian and Greek writings. It was used in various rituals because the people of that time believed in the magical power and energy of the willow. White willow is a beautiful tree with a wide and round canopy. The leaves are slightly sharp and silvery white. The young leaves are covered on both sides with silky fibers. Willow bark is used to treat colds, rheumatism, joint diseases and other inflammatory processes. Doctors and healers have so far studied the mechanism of the effect of healing water with willow bark. This water contains salicin, which blocks the production of prostaglandins – one of the basic substances that maintain inflammatory processes. Upon reaching the human body, salicin is converted into salicylic acid, which effectively removes headaches, reduces fever and the like.
The action of willow bark is equated with aspirin. The bark begins this process more slowly than aspirin but has a longer action. In this case, the bark is a natural phytopreparation. Therefore, there are fewer side effects compared to synthetic drugs. This is explained by the large amount of active biological substances, ie mineral compounds, glycosides, tannins and vitamins. And that is why willow bark is widely used in folk medicine and phytotherapy. It is necessary to apply the correct method of preparation for the bark to be healing.
Preparation of willow bark
The bark is collected before the sap starts until flowering. The bark is then cut into pieces and dried in the sun. Then it should be further dried in the oven at a temperature of 45 to 55 degrees Celsius. Try to break the crust with your hands to be sure of the process. The bark should not be distorted but broken with ease. Then the bark is completely dried. Then the bark is suitable for application and long-term storage. Dried bark is stored in cardboard boxes in a dark place. It is mandatory to consult a doctor before using infusions, tinctures, and other preparations of white willow bark. Contraindications are that medicinal water with bark should not be used by people with gastritis due to increased acidity and people with ulcers. Preparations with white willow should not be used simultaneously with synthetic preparations, amino acids and agents containing acetylsalicylic acid or antacids against gastric acid, as well as cough medicines, laxatives and diuretics.

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