11 excellent companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina


8 excellent companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina
1. WERKKOL d.o.o. Kladanj is a factory of fine textile products for women, men and children
2. Shara – owner Abdulgafar Selimović Gafo from Sarajevo is a graphic designer who makes handmade wood products. The products are made exclusively from the sun and rain that grew on the mountain slopes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the workshop of the Selimović family, lighting and decorative objects made of wood in the form of wooden mosaics are created. The most sought-after product of the brand is Chilim – a three-part wooden mosaic inspired by the carpet as a pillar of the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Selimović family donates part of the proceeds from the products sold for humanitarian purposes, ie to SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each product is made to order. Part of the money from the sale of products goes to charity. All handicrafts can be seen in the “Shara” web shop. Creativity is expressed through the model of workshops for children in which they make wooden toys with natural materials. Online card payment and delivery to all parts of the world is enabled. Or, ordering products through social networks, especially Instagram.

https://shara.ba/ https://www.instagram.com/shara.bih/

info@shara.ba. adresa. PO Zvijezda 17, 71320 Vogošća

3.Theca Natural Beauty Company – owner Fatima Lutvić-Avdić. All products are made from cold pressed oils. The cream contains natural shea and cocoa butter and essential oils. The products are handmade and do not contain preservatives, artificial fragrances, dyes, or parabens and other harmful ingredients. For example, chorokot face cream is suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. It is recommended for the treatment of acne and pimples and the protection and regeneration of the skin. They have two types of products, for one type they buy raw materials, and for the other type they produce both raw materials and product. The owner of the company regularly visits the mountains and collects the necessary plants. That period is two months and it is the most interesting part of the production. Harvested plants are used to make oil, which is then used to make some products. https://bs-ba.facebook.com/thecakozmetika/

4.Sherbetlook is a company for the production of natural juices Visoko and Bratunac
Sherbetlook juices and teas are made from raw materials that the owners (Salkić family) independently grow organically from their own orchards, lavender fields, rose gardens, mint in Visoko and Bratunac. Sherbetlook juices are products with seasonal, domestic and always created with love. They bring a perfect blend of traditional flavors and modern aromas. They have nurseries of apple, raspberry, blackberry and pear from their own cultivation, and some new crops. Sherbetlook is a family business so the whole family is involved from the youngest to the oldest members.


5.Handmade cups with #MadeInBiH label
In this area, the rituals of drinking coffee and tea have always been known, and today they are the way of life of every individual. That is why the art of creating coffee or tea cups has started to develop in recent years. Mandala lines, cute hearts, flowers, inscriptions or autumn colors. They are ideal items for original gifts for every type of holiday. The Tekne brand is known for its excellent design of items such as cups and vases for flowers with a written message and a fashion accessory. The client independently chooses the inscription on the cup. Mandala Art are handmade coffee and tea cups with a great selection of colors and patterns. Kidoki art is a brand that makes original coffee and tea cups. https://teknejewelry.com/
6. Divaisback traditional handmade ring # MadeInBiH- is one of the most favorite fashion accessories of almost every lady because it often connects a special story and memories of precious moments or a loved one. The ring in a circular shape is made of silver with 24k gold plating. It is inspired by a 19th century ring found near the town of Zavidovići and is the work of the BiH brand Sofić. Because of the shape of the edge, it is called a “gear.” It literally evokes tradition with details and painted motifs.Jewelry has top quality while authenticity is confirmed by a certificate with the manufacturer’s logo.
7. Šapa LAB or Paw LAB- is a modern and innovative collection of multifunctional pieces of pet furniture with the #MadeInBiH label. Due to the visual appeal and functionality, these pieces of furniture can easily fit into the aesthetics and interior of any home.
Šapa LAB is a company with the #MadeinBiH label and eco friendly products. The furniture is made exclusively to order, so there is no accumulation of quantities. The furniture is made of natural materials (full of beech wood, linseed oil and water-based paints). We offer pet feeders in different sizes and with several color options which, due to the design and the fact that the feeder is tilted and raised, make it easier for the pet to eat, then pet beds in a combination of colors chosen by customers, pet beds with storage space. bedside table / extra table with pet bed, chest of drawers with cat toilet. Each product can be personalized, with the engraving of the pet’s name. New products will soon be on sale, including interesting wall shelves and a multifunctional dog box. https://sapalab.ba/
All products are available on the website and customers can contact @sapalabfurniture Instagram profile and Paw LAB Facebook page. https://sapalab.ba/
8. Candle and lamp creation brands with #MadeInBiH label
This trend of decorating homes with unusual handmade items such as decorative candles and lamps is becoming increasingly popular in the world.
Ignis candle
@ ignis.candle candles are made with natural soy wax, and with creative models and silhouettes. It is an ideal addition to a coffee table.
The team from the profile @ scandles.sa creates candles made of initialed wax, and the most common product is a candle modeled on the silhouette of a woman’s body.
They are creating elegant white models with gold details, silver and black, and special attention this fall was taken by candles from the Nude collection in autumn colors.
@adelissadesign is an Instagram profile dedicated to handmade items, from jewelry to pieces of resin, all the way to candles. This time, candles stole our attention, and we especially liked the one with the silhouette of a woman’s body, a model of a presympathetic pregnant woman.
9. Flora Handmade is a unique, likable and handmade jewelry made of dried flowers
The owner is Mrs. Sunita Dizdar who picks and dries flowers for handmade jewelry creations. Jewelry is packed in small boxes that also have an educational story about the meaning of flowers woven into that part of the jewelry. The process of making it is quite demanding and complex. It consists of collecting, ie growing flowers, drying, testing and preparing flowers for use. When the flowers are prepared and arranged in boxes, various possible combinations are created. Also, one of the phases is designing the model and approaching its final production. Generally, all phases of jewelry making are intertwined. different and requires a different approach. In general, the most time is needed for preparing flowers and designing. Production takes approximately 7-10 days, again depending on the model. Flowers are collected throughout the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina in quantities that do not harm the environment in any way. buys abroad. A large part of the flowers are planted and grown in the flower garden in Tomislavgrad. In a precisely determined period of the year, special work and techniques are done to preserve the color and shape of the flowers as much as possible. Flora jewelry is a beautiful fashion accessory with a story about the symbolism of the flower from which the jewelry is made. https://florahandmade.ba/
Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a card highlighting the symbolism of the flowers preserved in the jewelry. https://florahandmade.ba/
10. The first toothbrush with the #MadeinBiH label – the official sale of the first BiH toothbrush of the Cawex brand has started The Cawex brand was created in response to market needs, when a lack of quality products in the field of dental hygiene was noticed. led by two dentists, they conceived and designed a new, improved toothbrush, which meets all functional, health and aesthetic needs of the customer. Cawex from the range presents two manual toothbrushes, Cawex Medium and Cawex Ultra Soft. Both products represent something completely new in the field of oral hygiene. The combination of recognizable minimalist design and multifunctional packaging immediately attracts attention and arouses curiosity. Below the packaging are seemingly very simple and elegant brushes. They come in four colors: black, royal blue, red and rose-gold. The body of the brush immediately upon first contact makes it known that it is a premium product. https://cawex.ba/
The lightness of the brush, as well as its slight flexibility, do not allow the use of excessive force when brushing teeth, which greatly reduces the chances of pulling gums. A large number of densely packed fibers is the focus of the product itself. The Medium brush has 1800 bristles, while the Ultra soft model is adorned with 5,700 individual bristles. Gentle and carefully treated bristles will effectively remove plaque, even in the most sensitive areas, without damaging the gums and reducing the chances of non-carious cervical lesions. High quality materials (plastics approved for use in food, BPA free), the highest quality fibers from the EU, improved design that facilitates the proper use of the brush, are just some of the trump cards that adorn this product. Cawex offers the best value for money. and the fact that they are the only company engaged in this type of activity in BiH, and their slogan is “Cawex, a brush that suits me!” You can find out more about Cawex products on the website http://www.cawex.ba and on social networks: Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/CawexBiH, Instagram @Cawex_bih, and via email info@cawex.ba. https://cawex.ba/

11. HS shoes #Madein BiH http://www.hsshoes.com


Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 37, 71 000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Homemade shoes for all occasions, men, women and children.


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