7 natural treatments originating from Mongolia

7 natural treatments originating from Mongolia
For centuries, the peoples of Mongolia have been gathering knowledge, experience and choosing medicines from the environment. That is why the Mongols have successfully developed interesting and original methods of treatment, numerous procedures, esoteric knowledge and medicinal preparations of folk and traditional medicine. These methods are simple. Doctors from Mongolia determine the accuracy of the patient’s diagnosis by pulse.

  1. Discharge of blood – blood affected by the disease is discharged from the body. This method is used to treat fever, tuberculosis, lupus, furunculosis and arthritis.
  2. Discharge of blood in combination with jars – jars are placed on the patient’s body. Then a puncture is performed in these places with a special three-sided needle. Jars (banks) are placed again after the puncture to get sick blood and pus out of the body. The method strengthens circulation. The method is harmless and simple. The method does not require long-term treatment.
  3. Acupuncture – here the needles are placed in special places on the body. They are located along the lines of energy meridians connected to internal organs. The method is often used to treat rheumatism, lumbago and arthritis. The method is also used against stress, insomnia, digestive disorders and the like.
  4. Manual therapy-this method has 6 stages. These are: bone straightening, bone fixation, massage, therapeutic baths, care and functional healing.
  5. Burning-is done using smoldering rice cigars. There are various methods of burning in Mongolian medicine.
  6. Phytotherapy is the main instrument of naturopathy. Herbal treatment is a long process that lasts up to several months. However, the results can exceed all expectations. This method is healthy and gentle on the body.
  7. Massage – do against osteochondria. Mix a tablespoon of coarse table salt with two tablespoons of unrefined olive oil or sunflower oil. Place the mixture on the cervical spine. Massage vigorously for ten to fifteen minutes. Rub from the edge of the skull over the longitudinal neck of the spine. Use the maximum power of motor skills of both hands. Massage the vertebrae and neck muscles. Finish the massage by rubbing your shoulders. Then wipe your hands with a tissue soaked in warm water. Dry your shoulders with a towel. Put on a T-shirt. Wrap the neck and upper back with a scarf. Lie down relaxed and stay that way for half an hour. Repeat the massage before bed if necessary.

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