Lemon is especially good in combination with fish

Lemon is especially good in combination with fish
The basic principle of all methods for losing weight is to change the diet with increasing physical activity. Proper diet should quickly return the body to a more normal form and saturate the body. This means defending against viruses and bacteria and restoring shine to skin, hair and strengthening nails. Dietary diet with lemon is the use of water with lemon juice. The diet remains the same.

  1. Two-day dietary diet with lemon juice – juice of 7 lemons, one spoon of honey or maple syrup, a small spoon of chili pepper and one liter of water are made here every day. All ingredients should be mixed and drunk for two days. You can drink pure water and green tea without additives along the way. This diet releases 3 to 5 extra pounds in a short time. Honey is a great addition to the diet with lemon. It has cleansing properties and normalizes digestion. Honey enables the maintenance of life energy and obtaining additional energy while feeding the body with fast carbohydrates. The concentration of vitamin C in lemon increases the dose of antioxidants in the blood and stimulates lipid exchange by accelerating the process of burning fat cells. Citric acid establishes good fat exchange in carbohydrates, regulates metabolism and strengthens digestion. Lemon is a good natural diuretic. It removes excess water from the body, removes bloating, tightens the face and reduces swelling. Lemon maintains liver function by helping the liver to cope with daily fat deposits. Vitamin C preserves immunity by stimulating collagen production. Maintains the freshness and natural glow of the skin. A glass of lemon water in the morning and in the evening before going to bed noticeably reduces appetite.
    Lemon water should be drunk in a glass with a straw because citric acid thins tooth enamel. Rinse mouth with water afterwards. Water with lemon is not recommended for people who suffer from gastritis, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, kidney stones, pancreatitis and with increased acidity of gastric juice. During the diet with lemon water, it is allowed to drink up to 3 liters of lemon water or one glass every hour. The menu is also scheduled for two days.
  2. Dietary diet with lemon and honey – put the juice of one lemon and one spoon of honey in one liter of water. Drink warm throughout the day. Additionally, drink clean water.
  3. Dietary diet with lemon juice and kefyr – is the most acceptable dietary nutrition. In two days a person can lose about 2 pounds of weight. One apple is allowed. The menu is simple: half a lemon and half a glass of kefyr are consumed 4 times a day, i.e. breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner. If you mix lemon juice directly into kefyr, that juice immediately turns into cheese. So small pieces of lemon should be eaten separately and kefyr should be drunk.

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