Massage movement on the carpet made of natural materials is extremely useful

Massage movement on the carpet made of natural materials is extremely useful

It is known that foot formation lasts until the fifth year of life. The legs are so actively developed with the first steps of a child. The footprint is flat until the first year of life, while the light arch appears only from the age of three to four. Then the child is able to spend a lot of time on his feet jumping, playing and running because he becomes more active. Thus, the child independently trains the muscles and ligaments of the feet. About 70% of strokes from walking and playing are alleviated if the arch of the foot is properly formed. Otherwise, the cushioning does not work and the impact has a bad effect on the hips and spine. That is why children who have flat feet often have a twisted spine. Children feel pain in the building and spine. The locomotor system then wears out quickly. This unfortunately causes the development of scoliosis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis and other diseases. Straight children’s feet are easy to detect and can then heal quickly, pediatricians say. A visit to an orthopedist is mandatory if the foot is slightly lowered inwards, or the person / child is clumsy or staggering, if the sole of the shoe is unevenly thinned, due to frequent blisters and wounds on the inside of the foot or the person gets tired quickly after walking / activity. Anatomical footwear with medical insoles is desirable, but also often barefoot walking or at least walking in socks. For foot health and general health it is desirable to walk in the fresh air, gymnastics, exercise. Choose light and comfortable footwear made of natural materials with a harder back, ie heel and flexible sole. Proper footwear always has an insole and heel with a maximum height of up to 1.5 cm. Massage your feet in a circular motion. Walk as much as possible on sand, grass or gravel. Roll rollers or balls with your feet and lift various objects off the floor with your feet. Walk on your heels, toes, clenched toes and on the inside / outside of your feet.

3 tips for safer walking and healthy feet

1. Orthopedic insoles – are made separately and individually for each person. It is recommended to wear orthopedic insoles constantly so that the feet have the correct anatomical position. Shoes with insoles should be removed at home and during exercises to strengthen the tendon of the posterior tibialis muscle, ie the tibia. Cartridges must be changed once a year.

2. Healing exercises and foot massage – massage is an effective means of increasing muscle tone and strengthening circulation. This simple technique should be performed by a professional doctor or each person individually. Massage and healing exercises help strengthen muscles and ligaments. A person and a child can walk on the outside of the feet in the home, on the toes for about half an hour a day and on a special massage pad for about half an hour a day.

3. Massage mat-these mats can be bought or made at home. They are useful for children and people who have difficulty moving. Substrates are made of natural materials. There are various shapes and dimensions. Stones, grass, river shells, corals and the like can be added for making. only a few minutes of daily movement on these surfaces with small obstacles is useful. A sea foot bath is useful. Pour water to the joints in a large bowl. Put sea salt on the bottom. Walk along the bottom of the bowl. Gradually dissolving salt gives the effect of foot massage.

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