5 recipes with fir and pine cones in the home-made arrangements

5 recipes with home-made fir and pine cones
Fir and pine cones have healing properties. Below are five recipes on how to take advantage of all the benefits of these natural materials.

  1. Cones for throat inhalation – during colder periods it is sometimes good to do natural throat inhalation. Pour two cones with one cup of boiling water. Cook for another half hour, stirring occasionally. Strain. Use the mixture for natural inhalation several times a day.
  2. Honey with cones – gather young green cones in the forest. Pour water over the cones completely. Cook for about half an hour in a sealed container. Then the drink should stand for 24 hours. Add sugar in a ratio of 1: 1. Cook honey like ordinary jam. Honey can be consumed several times a day to strengthen immunity and prevent flu, colds, angina and respiratory diseases.
  3. Cones are effective against arthritis and rheumatism – tincture of fir branches with alcohol is an excellent remedy for painful joints and spine due to arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, gout, various injuries and sprains of ligaments. The tincture is rubbed into sore spots on the body. Put about 250 grams of young fir branches in a dark glass jar. Add half a liter of any brandy. Leave in a cool, dark place for ten days to two weeks. Strain. Keep refrigerated. Rub the tincture on the sore spots until absorbed and then wrap these places with a woolen scarf or other woolen garment. Practice the used tincture until the pain disappears.
  4. Medicinal bath with pine cones – a bath with fir and pine extract is an excellent supplier of vitamins for the body. It contains useful substances and micro-elements against depression, strong fears, insomnia, weaker immunity and colds. Pour 1: 1 water over the cones. Cook for about an hour on a low heat. Allow another hour for the bath to cool and pour into a tub of water. About 2 liters of pine cone extract can be added to a tub full of water. Use the bath for ten to 15 minutes. Do not rinse the body with clean water, but dry the skin with a terry towel. If you have bruises on your skin, then after the bath, hold a cone in that place, which will reduce the pain.
  5. Cone massager – pine cones are suitable for expressing creativity and making various useful natural objects. They can be an effective natural massager. Collect fallen cones from the forest. They can be used every morning for barefoot walking and be a natural massager. Biologically active points connected to all internal organs are arranged on the feet. Foot massage activates and strengthens the condition of the whole body, especially in the morning immediately after waking up. You can scatter the cones on a width of 20 cm and a length of a meter and a half, and put a carpet over the arranged cones. Walk back and forth for a few minutes to reduce leg pain. Roll the cones on your feet if you have flat feet. Roll the cones (placed under the feet) in all directions.


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