5 recipes with maple juice collected directly from the tree

5 recipes with maple juice collected directly from the tree
Maple is a type of wood from which a useful beverage can be collected. Collect maple tree sap in ecologically clean locations. Collecting is done during the day because after sunset, the movement of sap in the tree stops. Cut a branch about 10 to 15 millimeters in diameter. Put the bottle on the branch. You will collect the juice in a bottle. You can attach the bottle to a maple tree and leave it until evening. Thus, about one liter of natural juice can be collected. Maple juice can have a variety of colors from light yellow to ruby. It can also have a different taste, ie be astringent, with a note of sweetness or bitterness.

  1. Fresh maple juice can only be refrigerated for a few days. This juice can be preserved for longer duration. Or make a thick syrup from the juice.
  2. The juice can be poured into ice buckets and frozen in the freezer. The juice can be added to vitamin drinks, cocktails, smoothies, homemade ice cream or be a vitamin drink.
  3. Maple juice can be used for hair care in the form of balms without rinsing. Strengthens hair roots, prevents hair loss by making hair shinier.
  4. Lovers of carbonated maple juice drinks can make delicious yeast. Yeast strengthens immunity, solves depression and improves the general condition of the body. Recipe for maple juice yeast: take a clean two-liter plastic bottle. Pour about one and a half liters of maple juice into the bottle. Add 10 to 12 raisins and a tip of fresh yeast knife. Rye bread crust can be added for a darker yeast color. One to two tablespoons of honey can be added for a sweeter taste. Keep the bottle in a warm place during the day. Follow carefully boiling and gently release excess air. Try the drink after one day and if you like the drink then move the bottle to the fridge. Or wait another day or two for better taste. The finished drink can last up to half a year. Drink a maximum of two glasses a day.
  5. Drink against insomnia, depression and nervous tension – you need half a liter of maple juice, eight leaves of lemon balm and six leaves of mint. Put dried herbs in a bottle. Heat the juice but without the boiling point. Pour warm juice over dried plants. Drink a warm beverage before bed.

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