10 benefits of Nordic walking

10 benefits of Nordic walking
Skier Marko Kantaneva from Finland started walking with poles more than 20 years ago to keep fit during the summer. Today, Kantaneva is the director of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA). Today, millions of people from all over the world play this sport. Walking with sticks removes stress, strengthens the whole body and improves mood. Contraindications are any acute illness and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

  1. The work of all muscles (they are involved twice as much as with normal walking) and the blood flow to the internal organs is increased during Nordic walking. This strengthens the work of all internal organs.
  2. Improves posture and pressure on the joints due to increased muscle tone.
  3. Blood vessels dilate during Nordic walking with sticks. Therefore, blood pressure is lowered.
  4. During physical exertion, endurance increases.
  5. So-called “northern” walking is useful for recovery after injuries / fractures for the entire musculoskeletal system and after stroke and heart attack. The doctor determines the degree of load.
  6. Movements are feasible for people of all ages. Older people are often unable to use exercise in the gym, other physical activities or jogging due to medical diagnoses and coordination disorders.
  7. This is a great sport for people in poorer health who have had or have severe clinical pictures. This activity is great for restoring vitality.
  8. Walking with sticks is one of the possibilities of losing excess weight without strict diets. This sport burns a large amount of calories. To achieve results, you need to walk for two to two times a week. One workout should contain 4 to 5 kilometers for the user.
  9. Walking in a pine forest is especially useful. It is also useful to walk in the park where the user inhales phytoncides and other useful substances that trees release and which strengthen immunity.
  10. Preventing aging and preventing the progression of chronic diseases contribute to fresh air, physical activity and good mood. The load should be gradually increased. The first walks should last a maximum of 25 minutes. Subsequent walks should be increased by 5 minutes per day.

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