6 tips for a healthier body during sunny and warmer days

6 tips for a healthier body during sunny and warmer days

  1. Doctors say that it is always important to “listen” and not overburden your own body. This is especially important for people with chronic diseases.
  2. In the morning immediately after waking up it is useful to open the window and expose the face and body to the warm morning sun rays. The face and body will wake up so quickly, become stronger, the brain cells will be activated and the biological clock will be repaired. With some exercise in the morning sun, the body gets the necessary dose of vitamins. It is enough to apply these natural “sun baths” two to three times during warm days for 5 to 15 minutes for the body / organism to benefit from the sun. The best time for this free and effective activity is until 11 a.m. and after 4 p.m.
  3. Seasonal fruits should be eaten during sunny and warm / hot days. Three cups of berries (currants, blueberries, etc.) a week reduce the risk of heart disease by 32%. You should eat carrots (source of vitamins A and P), radishes (plenty of vitamins C and B, trace elements), cabbage (rich in vitamin C) and green fruits / vegetables such as celery, rocket, spinach and the like.
  4. Watermelon is the best refreshment during hot days. In 100 grams, there is as much as 60% of the daily dose of magnesium, which expels excess cholesterol from the body. It makes the muscles taut, makes the skin elastic, stabilizes blood pressure, normalizes the work of the liver and kidneys. 150 grams of watermelon a day is enough for a healthy person.
  5. During high temperatures, the so-called water regime should be done, ie drink one and a half liters of water a day. Water quenches thirst best.
  6. More walking with energetic steps and deep breathing is desirable. Just 10 minutes of such a walk will increase energy, work ability and mood. It is advisable to take a walk after rain and thunder because then the air is the cleanest. Frequent stay in the woods and barefoot walking on the grass is also desirable.

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