Morning dew drops rejuvenate and solve a lot of health problems

Morning dew drops rejuvenate and solve a lot of health problems
One of the oldest methods for strengthening the body is early-morning barefoot walking on the grass full of dewdrops. This way of walking gives an influx of strength and strengthens the whole organism.

  1. You can collect the morning dew yourself. With a cotton towel, lightly rub over the thick grass. Squeeze the collected drops of dew into a wooden bowl. Dew water can be kept in a cooler place for up to a week. A drop of collected dew can be added to food, medicinal herbal solutions or herbal liquids. Dew water strengthens metabolism and strengthens the protective functions in the body.
  2. Morning walking with bare feet strengthens the whole organism, trains joints, tones muscles. In the morning, it is advisable to go out into the garden, meadow, or any place with thick grass and walk barefoot on the grass with dew. Let the walk take one to two minutes initially. Gradually increase the walk to 45 minutes. Do not wipe your feet but dry them naturally. Wear cotton socks and shoes. Such procedures give ease to the feet. They also improve the general condition of the organism.
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, headaches and vegetative vascular dystonia can be treated with a sheet or cotton cloth soaked in dew. Spread a clean towel or cloth on the meadow grass and flowers earlier in the morning. Wait a few minutes until the towel picks up moisture from the grass and flowers. Wrap that towel around the sore spot. Wear clothes over a towel. Lie in the house for about fifteen minutes. Such wraps for people with allergies to plant pollen should be performed with caution.
  4. Dew is a very useful natural cleanser. Washing with dewdrops rejuvenates the skin. Collect dew water in clean meadows and fields.


    • Dear VitalityKitchen,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Great idea. Please, enjoy your early morning walking and possible collecting of a dew drops. Wish all the best in The New 2022 Year.


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