The moonstone attracts artistic souls

The moonstone attracts artistic souls
In India they consider stones to be a living entity but on planet Earth they are in static and material form. The moonstone is a talisman of people of artistic professions, ie writers, musicians, sculptors and painters. This stone reveals the talents of artists, inspires artistic souls and awakens artistic impulses. Experts claim that meditations with the moonstone can reveal the subconscious and hidden abilities and talents.
There are stones that attract angels into human life. Such an indicator exists in the horoscope of every individual on Earth. It is the White Moon or Selena (the invisible karmic planet). According to the position of the White Moon, in various signs of an individual’s horoscope, one can understand in which area a person has gained valuable experience and in which spheres the soul of an individual shows the best qualities. It is the path of light that a person has gone through. That light now serves as the main guide in a person’s soul. The white moon is the personal guardian of each person. Other names are Arta, Righteousness, Truth and Grace. In astromineralogy there really are stones whose energy is in harmony with that guardian angel and the White Moon (Selena). It is an adular or moonstone. The white moon corresponds to the moonstone, which represents the moonlight – according to Indian mythology. It is believed that the glow of the adular becomes stronger with the growth of the moon. It reaches its peak during the full moon as it becomes pale before the new moon. Preachers of Buddhism still fill the water today with the help of the moonstone. The stone placed in the water during the full moon emits a drop of “moon dew” which is rich in healing properties. Such water is drunk in the form of a medicinal drink. Therefore, during a full stone, it is desirable to put the stone in a transparent container (preferably crystal) with water. This container should be kept on the window sill overnight. The drink is ready to use in the morning. It is good to park during the new moon. The newborn moon fills the stone with a special cool glow. It is believed that all the power of the stone was concentrated at that very moment.
The moonstone makes a person attractive. It gives the owner a unique charm and the ability to behave properly even in very unpleasant situations. The stone gives softness and tenderness. Reduces internal tension. It removes anger and overconfidence.
The moonstone is the guardian of the soul and the talisman of love. It has been used to improve / deepen the relationship with a partner since ancient times. It brings harmony, fidelity, mutual understanding to those in love with a few words and even without words. It responds quite well to cooling feelings. This stone is suitable for people born during the full moon and for people born on Monday (the day the moon rules). The moonstone helps with love problems. Lonely people should, for example, wear a brooch with a moonstone on the left side because the stone attracts love but also awakens the best of each person. A ring with a moonstone on the left hand helps to avoid conflicts, resolves stress and makes a person patient and merciful. The stone on the right hand contributes to complete relaxation and initiates fantasy and artistic impulses. The moonstone can bring relief to a person under the negative influence of the full moon and to a person suffering from sleepwalking and the effects of waking lunar energy. This stone protects from the harmful effects of malicious and unpleasant people. Clean the space around the owner especially if the owner treats the stone with love.

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